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August 23, 2016 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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SR Lady Raiders battle rival JCD Lady Eagles at JCDHS to a split!

Gary Franklin

The test of wills between the two rival competitive local high school volleyball teams found the Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles as the host and the neighboring South Ripley Lady Raiders as the visitors. The evening opened with JV best of three set match action commencing at 6 p.m., with the Lady Eagles claiming match victory 2-0 by scores of 25-13 and 25-23. Ties in JV set one included 5-5, 7-7 and 8-8 before the Lady Eagles cut loose for the win. South Ripley opened in set two to a 10-1 edge before relenting, with ties following at 13-13, 14-14, 15-15, 17-17, 18-18, 19-19, 20-20 and 23-23 before JCD sealed the deal with the 25-23, 2 set to 0 match victory.

Pictured left, an enthusiastic JCD Lady Eagle Maria Purdy of the JCD JV dives for the ball.

Varsity Match

The visiting Lady Raiders played to a 3-0 match victory in their best of five set match. Set one of the match concluded with SR 25-16 over JCD and included no ties nor lead changes. Set two concluded with SR the 25-21 victor, after JCD opened momentarily with a 1-0 lead before the game was knotted at 1-1 with JCD never enjoying another lead or tie the rest of the game. The final set of the match ended with South Ripley and JCD finding ties at 1-1 and 6-6, before the Lady Raiders gained control to win 25-22 over JCD for a 3-0 set varsity match victory.

South Ripley Coach Greiwe stated, “South Ripley’s height advantage was dominant at times, as the Raiders as a team tallied 30 blocks. These girls fight very hard and they work hard on blocking in practice. This is a great strength for us, and it really gets the team motivated when they put up big blocks. I am grateful to have such a great group of girls who work hard everyday and never complain. They are all about teamwork and playing together.”

SR vs. JCD varsity stats

Kiley Sparks: 9/9 serving, 5 points; 25/30 attacks with 10 kills; 9/9 serve receive; 2 solo blocks, 12 assisted blocks; 11 digs
Hannah Schwarte: 11/14 attacks with 3 kills; 1 solo block, 6 block assists
Elexah Roepke: 5/7 serving with 3 points; 25/26 attacks with 6 K's; 2 solo, 8 blasts
Laken Farrell: 17/18 serving , 10 points; 10/12 attacks with 2 kills; 1 solo, 2 assisted blocks and 7 digs
Morgan Peetz: 9/10 serving, 5 points; 12/13 attacks with 5 kills; 7/7 serve receive, 2 solo blocks, 7 assisted blocks; 5 digs
Toria Tucker: 11/11 serving, 3 aces. 8 points; 3 solo blocks, 4 ast'd blocks; 75/75 sets with 20 asts; 4 digs
Mariah Gentile: 9/10 serving, 7 points; 22/25 serve receive & 10 digs

JCD vs. Hauser
The JCD Lady Eagles JV fell to Hauser in back-to-back sets 18-25 and 16-25, followed by the Lady Eagles varsity biting the bullet in three straight sets in their best of five match by scores of Hauser 25-7, Hauser 25-13 and Hauser 25-12. Correction to Lady Eagles volleyball coaching slate: JCD has Tammy Shaw and Brittany Sieverding as co-varsity coaches, not a varsity and a JV coach.

Raiders vs. Austin
Returning SR Lady Raider Head Volleyball Coach Robyn Greiwe led her Lady Raider varsity into battle, meeting the challenge of the visiting Austin Lady Eagles in their opening night action at South Ripley High School on Tuesday evening, August 16, where they captured a three set to 0 match victory.

Reported varsity set scores
South Ripley 25-14 Austin
South Ripley 25-15 Austin
South Ripley 25-21 Austin

Coach Greiwe stated, “It is a great way to start the season and see where we measure up. We have a few things to work on and tweak, but I was very, very pleased with our overall performance for our first match.” Adding, “I can’t remember the last time we have beaten Austin. We now have two days to prepare for our big cross county rival game at JCD Friday night.”

Individual South Ripley Lady Raider Varsity Stats
Kiley Sparks: 7/7 serving for 3 points; 30/31 attacks with 15 kills; 16/17 serve receive; 4 solo blocks, 8 assisted blocks; 4/5 digs
Hannah Schwarte: 10/12 attacks with 4 kills; 1 solo block, 5 assisted blocks
Elexah Roepke: 10/12 serving, one ace and 7 points; 5/8 attacks with 2 kills; 4 solo blocks, 4 assisted blocks; 4 digs
Laken Farrell: 19/20 serving, an ace, 15 points; 6/8 attacks with 3 kills
Morgan Peetz: 19/19 serving with 2 aces for 16 points; 7/9 attacks with 5 kills; 4/5 serve receive; 3 assisted blocks & 7/9 digs
Toria Tucker: 5/5 serving for 3 points; 2 solo blocks, 8 assisted blocks; 59/63setting with 29 assists; 16/19 digs
Mariah Gentile: 4/6 serving with an ace for 3 points; 3/4 attacks with 2 kills; 15/15 serve receive

Nice team effort ladies!

The Lady Raider JV fortune was not so pleasant, falling to the visiting Austin Lady Eagles 0-2 in the best of three match.

Reported JV set scores
Austin 25-19 South Ripley Austin 25-11 South Ripley

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