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August 3, 2017 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Hostetler boys learn the ropes from pro-riding parents

Gary Franklin

Craig and Lindsey Hance Hostetler of Rexville, are used to the rodeo life. “My husband, Craig, is originally from Missouri,” noted Lindsey, who said he grew up around horses all his life and began riding bulls at the age of 16. He traveled throughout the US riding bulls for 12 years. He won multiple PBR touring pro rodeos and was a two time PRCA Great Lakes Circuit finals qualifier in bull riding, according to Lindsey. That’s just naming a few of his many accomplishments.

Trigg and Hayze HostetlerSUBMITTED PHOTO
Brothers, Trigg, 6, and Hayze Hostetler, 4, of the Rexville area, enjoyed the Ripley County 4-H Fair. Trigg won the Jr. Bull Riding at both the Switzerland and Ripley county fairs. Hayze won the Muttin’ Bustin’ contests at both fairs as well. The young cowboys are the sons of Craig and Lindsey Hostetler.

Also pictured is Muttin’ Bustin’ 4-year-old Hayze Hostetler at the 2017 Ripley County 4-H Fair presented by Fox Hollow Rodeo. Hover over the image to view the other photo!

Craig retired from bull riding in 2007 and now competes in team roping and enjoys spending time teaching his children how to rope and ride.

“I started barrel racing at age 13 with tremendous support from my parents Bill and Marilyn Hance,” noted Lindsey. “I started competing at local shows and with 4-H. After high school, I competed in rodeos throughout the US and was in the top 5 Rookie standings in the Great Lakes circuit in 2012.”

In 2006 Craig and Lindsey met through one of Craig’s bull riding buddies at the local cattle sale - Cox Livestock Auction on US 421 between Versailles and Osgood.

“We got married in 2008 and hit the road together competing in rodeos,” said Lindsey. Together the Hostetlers have two boys, Trigg, 6 years old and Hayze, 4 years old. Both boys have been going to rodeos, ropings and barrel races since they were two weeks old. Both boys love to rope and ride.

Trigg is a member of Southern Indiana Jr. Rodeo Association. He competes in Muttin’ Bustin’, steer roping and barrel racing. He was the 2016 Rookie All Around Cowboy and Year End Champion Muttin’ Bustin’. This year Trigg was both the Kentucky and Indiana Classic Jr. Looper Champion and recently he won the Switzerland and Ripley County Rodeo in Jr. Bull Riding. He has won a total of eight buckles since 2016. His favorite events in rodeo are bull riding and roping.

Hayze is too small to compete in Jr. Rodeo just yet, but his parents try to enter him in open rodeos so he can ride too. Just in the month of July Hayze won a buckle in barrel racing and was the Champion Muttin’ Bustin’ at both the recent Switzerland County and Ripley County 4-H Fair Rodeos put on by Fox Hollow Rodeo.

The boys both have their own horses. Trigg has a 26 year old palomino gelding named “Cowboy,” and Hayze has a small pony named “Bucky.”Both boys say when they grow up they want to be cowboys and farmers. Trigg won another rodeo in Kentucky recently where he was the Kentucky Youth Rodeo Championship Muttin’ Bustin’ Champion.

The family enjoys the sport that allows them to do what they love and be together at the same time. It’s a ridin’ ropin’ rodeo life for Craig, Lindsey, Trigg and Hayze Hostetler!

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