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December 29, 2015 • Sports
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Greensburg Pirates win Milan High School Boys Holiday Basketball Invitational

Gary Franklin
Milan Indians BasketballGARY FRANKLIN PHOTO
Pictured left, the visiting North Harrison Cougars close in on and surround hustling Milan Indians senior Kyle Meyer (30), as he receives the ball from a teammate’s pass in the paint. Meyer scored 18 of the Tribe’s 50 pt total.

There are no breaks from the court-side bleachers over the holiday break. Boys high school basketball holiday invitational tournaments are as thick as regular season scheduled activity, with the South Ripley Raiders hosting a tournament and the Jac-Cen-Del Eagles trekking to Edinburgh for invitational action. The Milan Indians hosted their own tournament, which included the visiting Calumet Warriors battling neighboring Coach Stacy Meyer’s Greensburg Pirates in the opening game, followed by Coach Josh Blankinship’s Indians against the North Harrison Cougars.

Greensburg 57 vs. Calumet 44
Greensburg Pirates
14 27 46 57
Calumet Warriors
12 18 33 44
Greensburg Pirates 57
Coach Stacy Meyer

10 Tommy Carey 10
12 Keegan McCullough 5
14 Peyton Buening 8
20 Spencer Burkert 9
24 Drew Foster 16
34 Chandler Deaton 1
44 Mason McLeod 6
54 Sam Slusher 2

Calumet Warriors 44
Coach Dominique Nelson

3 Jacori Gillipsie 9
4 Davion Brooks 8
5 Dario White 3
12 Jamell Lockwood 4
24 Kabah Clark 3
32 Jalynn White 11
44 Downzell Wilson 6

With the conclusion of the Milan High School hosted Wednesday, Dec. 23, morning invitational opener in the score books, the host would contend against the visiting North Harrison Cougars with a noon center court tip. Indians senior Kyle Meyer claimed the tip to a teammate, but their failure to connect on the opening shot resulted in the Cougars grabbing the first score. Indian Meyer knotted the game on the next possession and gave Milan their only lead at 5-2 on his old-fashioned, three-point combination FG/FT score; however, by the end of the first quarter, the Cougars were leading the tribe 23-12. Meyer had claim to nine of the Tribe’s dozen with teammates Austin King adding a FG score and Jed Minnich connecting on one of two FTs attempted. The rest of the highlights were Cougar’s and stripes.

Second period action found Milan adding nine, while North Harrison gained 15 to head to the locker room at the halftime break, Cougars 38-21 Milan.
Jordan Burton connected first for Milan with a FG score then added a pair of FTs. In the final eight ticks of the second period, Kyle Meyer hit one of two FT shots with Jacob Burton alertly grabbing the rebound on the second shot miss and putting it back up for the FG score.

As third quarter action commenced, the Tribe put together a seven point run, forcing a NH time-out. Tribe initial scoring was result of an Austin King three-pointer, a Zac Minnich FG and a Meyer FG. Over the remainder of the third, Indian Blane Beck scored a FG, Jordan Burton knocked down a three-pointer, and Meyer connected for another FG; however by period’s conclusion, the Cougars yet led by an even dozen, 47-35. Breaks were definitely in the favor of the Cougars at every phase of the contest, but Milan fought on.

In the final stanza, North Harrison gained 20 more points on their total for 67, while Milan added another 15 for a total for 50. Over the fourth, Meyer added a pair of FT scores, Beck nailed a FG, and a Meyer FG addition led to his fifth and final foul at 3:25, trailing by 20 at 42-62.
Indian Jed Minnich connected on a pair of FTs and followed with a FG score. Josh Bixler made one of four FTs, followed by Jacob Burton’s make of one of two, while Jed Minnich ended all scoring in the game with a steal and a FG score before the final horn sounded resulting in a Milan 50-67 North Harrison final tabulation

North Harrison 67 vs. Milan 50
North Harrison Cougars
23 38 47 67
Milan Indians
12 21 35 50
No. Harrison Cougars 67
Coach Kevin Jones

14 Trevor Haub 4
15 Max Flock 6
20 Alex Flock 16
22 Jake Troxell 2
23 Chandler Jenkins 16
24 Jake Book 11
30 Quin Kaiser 3
32 Alex Eveslage 9

Milan Indians 50
Coach Josh Blankinship

3 Blane Beck 4
4 Jordan Burton 7
11 Austin King 5
12 Josh Bixler 1
13 Zac Minnich 2
14 Jed Minnich 8
22 Jacob Burton 5
30 Kyle Meyer 18

Milan vs. Calumet

Due to severe storms in the area the slated 5 p.m. consolation game between the hosting Milan Indians and Calumet Warriors was cancelled, and the Greensburg Pirate vs. North Harrison Cougar championship contest was played.

Greensburg 68
North Harrison 60
Greensburg Pirates
14 33 51 68
North Harrison Cougars
11 25 42 60
Greensburg Pirates 68
Coach Stacy Meyer

10 Tommy Carey 16
14 Peyton Buening 15
20 Spencer Burkert 3
24 Drew Foster 17
44 Mason McLeod 15

No. Harrison Cougars 60
Coach Kevin Jones

14 Trevor Haub 2
20 Alex Flock 8
22 Jake Troxell 10
23 Chandler Jenkins 29
24 Jake Book 11

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