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January 28, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Meyer named CEO of local bank

Chris Meyer is the fourth generation of family leadership to be named CEO of The Friendship State Bank. Meyer is the son-in-law of James Wm Lemon. Lemon will continue to serve as President and Chairman of the Board. Lemon has served as CEO from 1992 to 2015.

James W Lemon, Chris Meyer and James Wm. Lemon

Left, James W Lemon (CEO 1957-1992), Chris Meyer (Present CEO) and James Wm Lemon (CEO 1992-2015) of The Friendship State Bank.

Meyer joined The Friendship State Bank as a freelance marketer in 2000. He notes that he never really set out to be a banker. His background was writing and design, with a dose of sales, and he was contracted to manage the bank’s marketing activities. The unique work atmosphere and business operations inspired Meyer on this new career path, and he took the opportunity to join the staff full time in 2003.

“This was a bank, a business unlike any I had ever seen,” Meyer shared. “We are a true community bank, and the people here really start to grow on you, right away.” Collaboration, teamwork, and generosity marked Meyer’s journey toward CEO. “Being responsible for marketing meant I had to learn as much as possible about what made us tick so I could share that with our current and future customers,” Meyer said. “I am very thankful for how generous people here are with their knowledge and their willingness to share their knowledge.” He then attended a three-year educational journey at the Graduate School of Banking in Madison, Wisconsin, followed by earning an MBA from U-Mass Amherst’s Isenberg School of Business.

Meyer embraces the Lemons’ leadership style and high value the organization places on their customers and employees. He looks forward to continuing the legacy, leading a community bank responsive to its communities needs. “My goal is to make sure our employees and communities know this organization has been, and will continue to be, one with an appreciation for legacy and a source of ongoing opportunity,” Meyer explained. “And, if over the years, I earn half of the respect that I and others have for both James Lemons, and this fantastic organization, then each day with be a good one.” With a new branch office under construction in Lawrenceburg, a recent insurance agency acquisition, and more plans in the works, Meyer finds it easy to stay busy. “This is a challenging and fun role, and I am excited to spend the next 20 years or so with the Friendship State Bank community providing the best we have for our customers, our fellow employees and our shareholders,” Meyer said.

South Ripley might offer jr. high baseball

Wanda Burnett

At the regular meeting of the South Ripley School Board of Trustees on Jan. 11, the board heard from Jeff Gorrell, athletic director, about the possibility of starting a junior high baseball program. Read the entire story in the print edition of The Versailles Republican dated Jan. 28.

Local Bulletin Board

21st Century Scholars Program information sessions in February
Ivy Tech Community College is inviting area 21st Century Scholars and their parents to learn more about the college, its programs, and career pathway opportunities at upcoming events for high school students. More information is available on page 7 of The Versailles Republican dated January 21.

Art classes to be offered at Versailles State Park in April
Art classes will be open to the public of all ages, and include photography, birdhouse painting, watercolors, woodworking, recycled art, mixed media art, and beginning guitar. More information is available on page 3 of The Versailles Republican dated January 21.

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