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February 9, 2016 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Fire damages Versailles home

“It’s just a building… A fire can’t destroy memories.”

Mary Mattingly

A Versailles couple lost most of their home and personal belongings to a fire Saturday morning, February 6. Versailles firefighters responded to a house fire on 2899 South Cave Hill Road in Versailles. No one was injured but the south side of Mark and Tammy Hartman’s home and the roof by the chimney was heavily engulfed in flames when the Versailles Fire Department arrived at 7:04 a.m. Mrs. Hartman was awakened by the smell of smoke. She called 911 and they got out safely. The day after she was overwhelmed with gratitude from the support. “When the fire started, all I could think of was what was lost. But at the end of the day all we lost was a building. A fire can’t destroy memories,” she said.

Hartman house fire


The fire started by the chimney and roof at Mark and Tammy Hartman’s home on Cave Hill Road, Versailles.

The Osgood and Friendship fire departments assisted Versailles with tankers and manpower. Rescue 30 was also dispatched for EMS standby. According to Versailles Fire Chief Ben Sieverding, the firefighters experienced extremely high heat conditions initially upon fire attack with the fire being a ventilation-controlled fire. Firefighters used a modern fire behavior attack with special equipment, and the main body of fire was extinguished within 10 minutes. Firefighters were able to contain the fire to the wall area around the chimney and the roof area of the residence. They spent the majority of their time contending with fire that had extended between the current roof structure and the older roof areas of the structure. Firefighters needed to open this area in order to fully extinguish the fire, Sieverding said. Beside the chimney and the roof areas, the home had extensive smoke damage. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Meanwhile as the insurance company investigates, the couple is staying with family. Although initially she was worried about the loss of their personal belongings, she said later, “I realized I was more overwhelmed by all who rallied to our aid in our time of need” and not by the loss. She added, “We are so grateful and blessed. Thank you to our friends and family for donating time, food and prayers, love and support. We are truly blessed.” Tammy works at South Ripley High School and Mark Hartman is the owner of RJE Fertilizer.

Only one Democrat filed here
23 file to run for county office

Mary Mattingly

There is a full slate of candidates seeking elected office in the county. Not counting the precinct committeeman, there are 23 who made the Friday filing deadline to run for the May Primary county office. All are running as Republicans except for one Democrat seeking a county council position. There are seven county offices up for election and all are contested for the Primary.

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Candidate list sign-ups begin

Ripley Publishing Company, Inc. will be running a continuous candidate listing beginning March 15. For $125 your name along with the office you are running for will appear in both newspapers through the May Primary Election. In addition, you will receive a free press release along with a photo in one of the newspapers. The press release must be submitted to our office along with a photo. Arrangements can be made to have a photo taken in our office. Please call 812-689-6364 or email us at or stop by our office at 115 S Washington Street in Versailles to get your name on the list.

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