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June 6, 2017 • Headline News
Tom Tepe Autocenter
Tom Tepe Autocenter
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Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) director schedules local prayer events

Wanda English Burnett

With children being considered our greatest resource for the preservation of the future, a group has been spreading the love of God to children since 1937 with great results. Child Evangelism Fellowship, CEF, reaches out to children on a worldwide basis now in 205 countries ministering to 20.5 million children as they celebrate 80 years of ministry this year.

Fresh Encounter Prayer Gathering in VersaillesSUBMITTED PHOTO
Pictured left, people are gathered from the Fresh Encounter Prayer Gathering kick-off event held in May on the courthouse lawn in Versailles.

On a local level, Bridget Back, director of CEF of Southeast Indiana says all of the time spent at Good News Club events, summer camps and sharing the gospel, is worth it. Back has begun a ministry through CEF, called A Fresh Encounter. These are prayer events that are taking place at each county her chapter serves in Indiana, which is now 16. She was inspired by the prayer events Franklin Graham held across the nation at each statehouse through the recent election. “It was put upon my heart to hold these local events for the children we come in contact with,” noted Back.

Recently, A Fresh Encounter had their kick-off event on the courthouse lawn in Versailles, where people gathered to pray. Back says their prayers are earnest – the kind of intercessory prayer that leads to results. The group will branch out each month and hold prayer events across the southeast region of the state, bringing the opportunity to those who would like to participate and make a public statement about their faith and love for child evangelism. A lot of time is spent in prayer, according to Back, who invites those truly interested in seeing children won to Jesus, to share in their monthly prayer gatherings at the CEF office located south of Versailles on 421 on the first Thursday of each month.

A ministry of CEF, The Good News Club, which is now allowed in the 67,000 public elementary schools across the United States, is offered, but not forced on children. They learn the simple message of salvation, which is the signature purpose of the group. CEF is thankful for organizations that help children with a variety of needs. But, their sole purpose is to share the good news of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ with each child. With a staggering statistic that 85 percent of children do not attend church, CEF volunteers feel evangelizing children through other means is imperative.

During the school year Good News Club events are held, and in the summertime the work continues with summer camps that are often taught by youth called “summer missionaries.” At the various camps, children can be seen splashing in the crystal clear pool water, around a campfire, hiking, enjoying the water of nature through creeks, and singing and learning about Jesus all at the same place. The vision for CEF is “Every Child, Every Nation, Every Day.” They strive to make sure every child is reached with the gospel, discipled in the scripture and established in a local church. They train, equip and support volunteers.

The group is interdenominational and not for profit. They raise the funds needed to continue the ministry and Back says God always provides through these fundraising events. There are various events that take place to support the ministry with a new one coming up in August this year at the Hoosier Hills Golf Course, Milan. To learn more about this event you can contact Steve Culp at 812-621-1085 or Doug Laws at 812-621-2763. For more information about CEF and all of their ministries you can contact Back at 812-756-1694, stop in the Versailles office or go online

Miller’s photography wins state, national awards

Kendal R. Miller of Dillsboro, received two 1st place awards in the 2017 Woman’s Press Club of Indiana (WPCI) Communications Contest. The awards ceremony was held at Rising Star Casino Resort on June 3. Members across the state of Indiana attended along with students who won WPCI scholarships.

Kendal R Miller of DillsboroSUBMITTED PHOTO
Pictured left is Kendal R. Miller of DIllsboro.

In the WPCI communication contest, Miller received a 1st place in the Photography & Graphic: Single Photo, News or Feature category with her entry titled “Memorial Day Service, Ohio County Courthouse.” An entry in the Single Photo, General Category titled, “Along the Parade Route, Navy Bean Festival” also won first place.

Both 1st place awards advanced to the National Federation of Press Women’s (NFPW) Communications Contest. Miller’s entry Memorial Day Service, Ohio County Courthouse placed second at the national level. While national judges’ names were not disclosed, all winners received feedback about their winning entries.

Photo by Kendal R Miller of DillsboroKENDAL R. MILLER PHOTO
At left, taken during the 2016 Memorial Day service at the Ohio County Courthouse in Rising Sun, the above photo by Kendal R. Miller, Dillsboro, received a 1st place in the Woman’s Press Club of Indiana and a 2nd place in the National Federation of Press Women Communications Contests.

“This well-composed photo conveys emotion. By focusing on the subjects’ faces, the viewer is able to connect with the image and can almost hear the subjects singing. The flags in the background seem to surround the subject and make the viewer immediately award of the sense of patriotism at the event. The way this photo is cropped gives the sense of a much larger crown that has participated. I like how this photo makes a strong connection to the viewer,” said Miller’s judge who selected her photo as a national winner.

An award-winning professional photographer, Miller’s work is recognized as part of the Indiana Artisan Program, one of over a dozen state photographers whose work has received this status. She is also a multi-award winning Indiana Lt. Governor Hoosier Women Artist, recognized in 2016, 2015, 2014, and in 2012. Other WPCI members who won national awards included Elizabeth Granger, Natalie Hoefer, and Viv Sade of the Indianapolis and Fort Wayne areas. Marion Garmel of Indianapolis won a first place at the state level.

A ceremony to recognize the national winners will take place in Birmingham, Alabama, in September. Miller is a resident of Ohio County and serves as executive director of Rising Sun/Ohio County Tourism in Rising Sun.

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