Holton marshal arrested

Wanda English Burnett - Editor

A move that has the town of Holton buzzing is the arrest of the marshal, Billey Joe Moore. The 39-year-old marshal just received full-time status from the Holton Town Council this year and was providing police protection for the town.

Information from the Indiana State Police notes that Moore was arrested on one count of Transferring Ownership of a Handgun to a Felon, a Class C Felony. The arrest stems from an investigation that began in June of 2006. “Moore is alleged to have provided a handgun to an individual whom he knew had been convicted of a felony,” the press release says.

There will be a special prosecutor in this matter due to Moore being a law enforcement officer in Ripley County. Melvin Wilhelm, prosecutor for Franklin County has been appointed.

Moore was arrested last Thursday, January 25 at his home without incident and taken to the Ripley County Jail. He appeared in Ripley Circuit Court the same day for his initial hearing where bond was set at $15,000. He bonded out shortly after the hearing.

Moore has obtained Bradley A. Johnson, an attorney with Dove and Johnson at North Vernon, and while he can’t talk about the pending case, notes, “Things aren’t always as they seem.” Moore adamantly maintains his innocence in this case and both he and his attorney look forward to finding justice in the courtroom.

Moore was placed on desk duty according to Town Attorney Larry Eaton.




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