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February 6, 2007

Coach Smith & the Lady Eagles
soar for a perfect 6-0 ORVC season

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor

The final 2007 regular season basketball game between the rival South Ripley Lady Raiders and the Jac-Cen Del Lady Eagles took place at JCDHS on Thursday, February 1. The anticipated "game of the night" was far less than expected to be as the Lady Eagles blew their opponent away by a convincing 19 points, 53-34.
Obvious from the game's onset, the Lady Raiders just did not have the drive nor determination normal to their playing the game. Taking nothing away from the Lady Eagles, the Lady Raiders' hearts just weren't in it.
With a perfect ORVC record and outright championship ownership of the 2007 ORVC ladies' basketball title, the Lady Eagles had purpose and poise. Also by winning the game, the Ripley Publishing Co., Inc. traveling "PRIDE TROPHY" would be engraved with the Lady Eagles as this year's winner.
Coach Smith of the Lady Eagles expertly put together a plan to control and take advantage of the Lady Raider lack, earning with the win the ORVC Girls' Coach Of the Year Award with the perfect season run.
The Lady Eagles won their opening season bout played at South Ripley over the Lady Raiders by 15 points by the score of 57-42. The Lady Raiders in turn captured the Ripley County Tournament championship title in January by 6 points, 48-42 over the Lady Eagles. The Lady Eagles were still feeling the sting of that loss to the Lady Raiders and this night they would avenge it with authority.
Scoring began when Lady Eagle Kiersten Young nailed a FG. Young followed it with the 3 ball for a 5 point lead. Lady Eagle senior Emily Einhaus scored 3 consecutive FG's to get the Lady Eagles out to an 11-0 lead. Senior Ciara McGuire was first to break the ice for the Lady Raiders, 11-2. Erika Simon's pass to a cutting Einhaus for the FG and 2 for 2 FT shooting by Einhaus ended first quarter scoring, JCD 15-2 SR.
Lady Eagle senior Abby Lauber added a FG, and Lady Raider McGuire countered with her second FG. Lady Eagle Carissa Simon added 5 for her team with a 3 bomb and a FG taking the score to 22-4. Lady Raider senior Beth Stratton shot the pass to a breaking Alex Snyder for a FG. Lady Eagle Einhaus scored a pair of FT's, negated by Lady Raider Alex Snyder's FG. Lady Eagle Young connected on another 3 shot. Erika Simon lobbed the pass over the defender for a breaking Lady Eagle Kara Harlemert FG. Lady Raider Erica Ester missed both her FT shots, leading to a Snyder put back for 2. The halftime horn sounded to find the Lady Eagles well in the lead by 19 at 29-10.
Lady Raider seniors Abbey Lemon and Ashley Thomas each connected for FG's to cut into the Lady Eagle lead upon opening the second half of play. The Lady Eagles found an answer in Lauber who made 1 of 2 FT attempts. Lady Raider Susannah Mann made 1 of 2 FT's. Lady Eagles Kaylin Ploeger made a FG, and Kristen Hicks added a 3 taking the Eagle lead to 20 at 35-15. Lady Raider Ester nailed a FG and Lady Eagle Valorie Wagner came up empty on her two free tosses to end the third quarter, JCD 35-17.
The Lady Raiders opened the fourth quarter with a 5 point run at the hands of Mann with a FG and a McGuire 3 ball. Lady Eagle Lauber made 1 of 2 FT's, and followed that with an old fashioned 3 by making a FG and the following FT. Lady Raider Mann missed on both FT attempts, but Lady Eagle Erika Simon drove for a FG regaining the 19 point lead at 41-22.
Lady Raider Lemon scored a FG, Lady Eagle Erika Simon answered with a pair of FT's. Lady Raider Ester scored a FG, but Lady Eagle Einhaus capped it with a pair of FT's. Lady Eagle Erika Simon drove for a FG and went to the stripe for a FT where she missed, but Lady Raider Ashley Thomas was the called offender for her fifth personal foul and had to leave the game near the 2 minute mark.
Lady Raider Stratton connected for a FG and Lady Eagle Lauber did likewise. Lady Raider Lemon scored a FG to cut the Lady Eagle lead back to 19, but Lady Raider Ciara McGuire picked up her fifth foul and had to leave the game with 38 seconds remaining.
In the final ticks of the game clock, Lady Eagle Kristen Hicks scored a FG, Lady Raider Ester nailed a pair of FT's, Lady Eagle Kaylin Ploeger scored a FG, and Lady Raider Lemon ended game scoring with her FG. The final varsity score, JCD 52-34 SR.
The Lady Eagles also won the reserve game 41-25.
Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles 53
Emily Einhaus 14
Abby Lauber 9
Kiersten Young 8
Erika Simon 6
Carissa Simon 5
Kristen Hicks 5
Kaylin Ploeger 4
Kara Harlemert 2
*Lady Eagles not scoring were Abby Rohlfing, Valorie Wagner, Allana Newhart, Ciara Bonnlander and Jessica Comer.
Injured - Janine Huff.
South Ripley Lady Raiders 34
Abbey Lemon 8
Ciara McGuire 7
Alex Snyder 6
Erica Ester 6
Susannah Mann 3
Beth Stratton 2
Ashley Thomas 2
*Raiders not scoring were Kellie Collier, Kyla Sexton, Katie Polly, Lakin Davis and Jordan Vinup. Injured - Sealey Snyder,
Coach Smith's comments regrding the game and the Lady Eagles season, "I'm proud of the overall effort by the girls tonight, they all made positive contributions as well as all season. This was a wonderful way for our seniors to end their regular season and now they will carry this on to the sectionals."
This Lady Eagle victory gave JCD its first outright ORVC title since 1996. They earned a co-champ title last season.
Good Luck to the Lady Eagles, Indians and Raiders in their sectional bids.

Coach Smith and senior Lady Eagle Erika Simon talk strategy.



Indians close - but no cigar
Gary Franklin - Sports Editor

The Milan Indian sportsters celebrated hometown basketball heritage with their 9th annual alumni festivities on Saturday, January 27. The event included two afternoon games between players from the past. The first was a game beginning at 1 PM for alums from 1992 and prior. That was followed by contesting between graduates of the 1993-2006 classes.
As reported at halftime of the night's high school varsity game between the 2007 Indians and the Switzerland County Pacers, the day's activities were well attended and quite enjoyable to fans and former players alike.
The final score of the Indian vs Pacer varsity match found the Pacers the victor by a 2 point margin of 65-63. The reserve game also went to the Pacers by 3 points at 40-37.
The varsity contest opened with Indian senior Bryant Withers controlling the center court tip. A turnover and called foul whistled against Withers sent Pacer Cliff Meyer to the foul stripe where he connected on both attempts for a Pacer lead. Withers quickly answered with a FG to tie the game at 2. Meyer scored another FG, leading to Indian freshman Brandon Withers' first FG for the 4-4 tie. The Indians took their first lead of the game off a pair of made FT shots by Bryant Withers. Pacer Kyle Green again knotted the game at 6 with a pair of made FT's. Indian Jeremy Hunt's pass to Bryant Withers for a FG put the Indians back into the lead, only momentarily. The Pacers answered with a 12 point run while Indian center Withers was out of the Indian line up for a 10 point lead at 18-8.
Senior Talon Atwell entered the Indian lineup to score an immediate FG. After a pair of SC FT's were scored, senior Indian Jeremy Hunt sank a FG, but the Pacers countered with a pair of made FT's to end the first quarter action with SC 21-12 over Milan.
Opening the second quarter, Indians Atwell and Bryant Withers each scored FG's, cutting into the Pacer lead. Pacer Aaron Meyer drained a 3. Indian Bryant Withers scored one of two FT attempts, followed by a Pacer Travis Webster FG. Indian Atwell scored another FG, but Pacer TJ Sefton dropped in a FG to negate the Indian shot.
Following a pair of FT misses by Indian senior Zach Baker, Atwell added a FG on the rebound put back. Indian Tyler Kirk with a steal and break-away lay up brought the Indians to within 5 at 28-23. Pacer Meyer and Indian Hunt traded a pair of FT baskets before Pacer Moore ended the second quarter with a FG for the score of 32-25.
The Pacers opened the third with a 6 point run. Indian freshman Brandon Withers drew a 3 shot FT opportunity, connecting on 2 of them. Indian Zach Baker nailed his first FG off the Withers assist. Pacer Green scored 2 FT's. Indian Baker hit Bryant Withers for the FG. Pacer Meyer answered with a FG. Indian Hunt caught Baker open under the basket for a FG. Pacer Mark Sharp scored a FG, and Indian Hunt nailed the 3 from downtown. Pacer Moore's FG put the Pacers up 10 at 46-36, ending the third quarter.
Fourth quarter scoring was opened with an old fashioned 3 point play off the Bryant Withers FG and FT. Pacer Sharp scored 2 FT's, Indian Kirk added a FG, and Pacer Sefton scored 4 points from the foul line. Pacer Sharp added 1 of 2 FT's, giving the Pacers a 12 point edge at 53-41, with 5 minutes left to play.
Indian Kirk lofted the 3 ball for nothing but a net pop, but Pacer Sefton responded with a 3 of his own. Indian Hunt let the 3 ball soar and drained it, to cut into the SC lead for a 56-47 difference. With 4:25 on the scoreboard and the Indians back to within 9, SC called for timeout.
Continuing, Indian Bryant Withers was fouled. He made both FT's. Pacer Moore scored a FG, Indian Bryant Withers scored a FG, and another off the Kirk assist cutting the score to a 5 point Pacer lead at 58-53 with 2:30 remaining in regulation play.
Pacer Green made 1 of 2 FT's, Indian Withers kicked the pass out to an open Hunt, who in turn drilled the 3 for 59-56. SC again called for a timeout.
Pacer Green connected on 2 FT's, and with just 33 seconds left to play, Indian Bryant Withers scored 1 of his 2 FT attempts. Pacer Webster scored 2 FT's, but Indian Hunt countered sinking a pair for the tribe, for a score of 62-59. Pacer Meyer fouled out with 15.3 seconds left, and Indian McDonald followed at 14.1. Pacer Webster hit 1 of 2 FT tries. With 5.7 seconds on the clock, Bryant Withers drew the foul but could only make 1 of his 2 shots. A foul with 4 seconds remaining sent Pacer Sharp to the stripe where he nailed both shots. Indian Hunt's 3 at the horn was good, but left the Indians down 2 at 65-63.
Milan Indians 63
Bryant Withers 22
Jeremy Hunt 18
Talon Atwell 8
Tyler Kirk 7
Zach Baker 4
Brandon Withers 4
*Indians not scoring were Jerrid McDonald, Craig McKittrick, Jared Ison, Justin Rogers, Josh Baker. Injured - Jeff Werner.
Switz. Co. Pacers 65
TJ Sefton 15
Mark Sharp 14
Cliff Meyer 12
Travis Webster 11
Kyle Green 8
Aaron Moore 4
Jordan Hinman 1
*Pacers not scoring were Bryan Levell and Matt Johnson.

Indian seniors race Cougar for the loose ball
Pictured from left are Cougar Nakema Gillenwater (44), Lady Indian seniors Lacee Alloway and Cassie Billingsley, sophomore Jess Wessler, and Cougar Heather Helms (30). The last home game in the Lady Indian regular season closed with the South Decatur team