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February 13, 2007

Lady Eagles capture sectional nets
Gary Franklin - Sports Editor

The Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles managed a tournament victory at home in Class 1A Sectional #58 by winning the championship game over the Lady Cougars of South Decatur by the score of JCD 57-47.
Enroute to the final game:
Oldenburg Academy's Lady Twisters fell on opening night to the South Decatur Lady Cougars 59-53 following an overtime period.
The JCD Lady Eagles nearly doubled the Madison Shawe Lady Hilltoppers with a 69-35 victory.
The South Decatur Lady Cougars trailed the Rising Sun Lady Shiners for nearly 3 3/4 quarters to upend them by the score of 62-59 at the final horn.
The championship contest found the Lady Eagles in control, but again the Lady Cougars presented a challeng near game's end. The 10 point Lady Eagle championship win of Sectional #58 advances them to the Class 1A Regional #15 at Southwestern Shelbyville. They will there contest (17-8) New Washington in the second game, Saturday, February 17, with a 12(noon) start time. The first game beginning at 10 AM will feature (17-6) Dubois and (17-5) Waldron. The championship game is slated for an 8 PM onset.
Sectional championship
Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles 57
Emily Einhaus 16
Abby Lauber 14
Carissa Simon 6
Kristen Hicks 6
Kiersten Young 5
Erika Simon 4
Valorie Wagner 4
Abby Rohlfing 2
Lady Eagles not scoring were: Kaylin Ploeger, Kara Harlemert, Allana Newhart and Ciara Bonnlander.
So. Decatur Lady Cougars 47
Allison Cunningham 14
Haley Holdreith 13
Jamie Huff 9
Kieglea Owens 8
Julie French 3
Lady Cougars not scoring were: Nakema Gillenwater, Vanessa Callahan, Krista Galloway, Heather Helms, Elizabeth Mauer, Emily Cunningham and Megan Johannigman.
Scores by Quarter
1. JCD12-7 SD
2. JCD 26-12 SD
3. JCD 40-18 SD
4. JCD 57-47 SD

Pictured above from left are Lady Eagle seniors Abby Lauber and Emily Einhaus, Varsity Girls' Basketball Coach Scott Smith, and Lady Eagle seniors Erika Simon and Abby Rohlfing. They're all smiles following their victory of Sectional #58 at Jac-Cen-Del on Saturday, February 10 by a score of 57-47 over the South Decatur Lady Cougars.


The South rose before their fall
Gary Franklin - Sports Editor

History once again reared its head as the South Ripley Lady Raiders rose to the second round of IHSAA 2A Girls' Sectional #44 by defeating the North Decatur Lady Chargers in the tourney's opening game by 10 points, SR 49-39 ND.
The Lady Chargers scored the first two points of the contest as Hannah Gauck made a pair from the FT stripe. Lady Raider Erica Ester failed to connect on her two FT tries, but Lady Chargers Kelsey Ewing and Sarah Wallpe each added a pair of FT's to put the Lady Chargers in front 6-0 early.
Lady Raider senior Abbey Lemon nailed a FG for their first score. Lady Raider senior Ashley Thomas cut the Raider deficit to 6-4 with her nailing of a pair of FT's. In continuing the first quarter, Lady Chargers Gauck and Hillary Wenning each added FG's, and Rachel Hawkins scored a pair of FT's. Lady Raider senior Ciara McGuire scored a FG and Lemon added 1 of 2 FT shots to end the quarter ND 12-7 SR.
Score by Quarter
1. SR 7-12 ND*
2. *SR 22-17 ND
3. *SR 33-25 ND
4. *SR 49-39 ND

The second quarter's play resulted in a Lady Raider gain of 15-5. Lady Raider sophomore Erica Ester scored 2 FG's, senior teammate Ashley Thomas connected for 2 FG's, 2 FT's, and a 3 pointer, and sophomore Alex Snyder dropped in a FG as well. The 5 Lady Charger points came from both Ewing and Wallpe adding a FG each and 1 of 2 FT attempts made by Hawkins.
Lady Raider Alex Snyder owned the third quarter as she scored 8 points off 3 FG's and a pair of FT's. McGuire added a FT and Thomas a FG for an 11 point effort.
The 8 point third quarter scoring for the Lady Chargers came from a FG and 3 of 4 FT shooting by Wenning, a FG by Gauck and 1 of 2 FT's made by Elizabeth Frye.
The fourth quarter resulted in 30 points being put on the books. The Lady Raiders won that quarter as well with their 16 point effort. Ester scored 7, Lemon added 6, Thomas 2, and McGuire 1.
The 14 Lady Charger points of the fourth quarter were from Katie Gahimer's 3 pointer, a Wallpe FG, Wenning adding 3 FG's, and Hawkins with a FG & FT.
S. Ripley Lady Raiders 49
Ashley Thomas 14
Erica Ester 11
Alex Snyder 10
Abbey Lemon 9
Ciara McGuire 5
Non-scoring Lady Raiders were: Kellie Collier, Beth Stratton, Susannah Mann, Katie Polly, Jordan Vinup, Lakin Davis, Kyla Sexton and Sealey Snyder.
N. Decatur Lady Chargers 39
Hillary Wenning 13
Rachel Hawkins 6
Hannah Gauck 6
Sarah Wallpe 6
Kelsey Ewing 4
Katie Gahimer 3
Elizabeth Frye 1
Non-scoring Lady Chargers were: Mindy Koors, Ann Schwering, Jill Hammersmith, Meghan Lamb, Hayley Hayden, and Jessica Heger.
The Lady Raiders wrapped up their 2007 season with a loss to the SW Hanover Lady Rebels, SW 64-39 SR in their second game. SWH won the Sectional #44 championship 81-40 over the Switz. County Lady Pacers.

South Ripley's student body showed their support for the Lady Raiders at the 2007 Sectional #44 girls' basketball game held at Milan High School. Pictured top from left are: (S) Heath Landwehr, (O) Kyle Patrick, (U) Dillon Groves, (T) Jacque Castner and (H) Jared Rogers. Middle Row: (R) Seth Madden, (I) Sarah Hartman, (P) Erica Pollard, (L) Sierra Groves, (E) Erica Burress, and (Y) Tim Burcham. Front Row: (R) Thomas Kimla, (A) Josh Cumberworth, (I) Daniel Fix, (D) Tyler Hensley , (E) Chandler Stearns, (R) Michael Fear. (S) David Aaron Pickett and (!) Andy Dole.