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February 27, 2007

Eagle varsity boys claim 2007 ORVC basketball crown with a perfect 6-0 season

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor

The Jac-Cen-Del Eagle Boys' Varsity Basketball Team followed suit with the Varsity Lady Eagle Basketball Team and the Jac-Cen-Del Eagle High School Soccer Team by going undefeated for perfect conference records during their respective 2006-2007 ORVC seasons.
The Eagle boys opened their varsity basketball season against conference rival South Ripley Raiders for a non-counting conference game on November 21 for an 11 point victory by a score of 65-54 at Tyson Auditorium during the "Turkey Shoot-Out".
The Ripley Publishing Co. Inc. "PRIDE TROPHY" exchanged hands on that opening night as the Raiders had possessed it over the summer.
Friday, February 23, at JCDHS for the conference counting regular season finale between the Eagles and Raiders, they defended control of it, and closed their ORVC season run with a perfect 6-0. The Eagles' victory margin was 19 points by the final score of 56-37.
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles - 56

Tucker Brown 17
Brandon Gehl 13
Blake Sutton 9
Matt Gehl 7
Justin Huff 7
Andrew Wagner 3
Non-scoring Eagles were: Daniel Leonetti, Thomas Wenning, Erik Horan, Gerald Hardesty, Kellen Stolze, Coty Horn and Tim Arnett.
South Ripley Raiders - 37
Chandler Stearns 8
Tucker Brown 13
Michael Fear 6
Erik Dermaree 4
Thomas Welch 4
Kyle Patrick 2
Non-scoring Raiders were: BJ Sieverding, Chris Miller, Andy Miller, Jared Keck and Mitchell Krall.
Quarter scores
1. JCD 15-6 SR
2. JCD 30-16 SR
3. JCD 42-25 SR
4. JCD 56-37 SR

Scoring 17 points, Eagle senior Tucker Brown led his team's scoring in their final regular season game to defeat the South Ripley Raiders for a 6-0 2007 ORVC championship title.


South Ripley Raider varsity barely escapes Shiner surge

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor

A Raider season finale that was originally orchestrated to set the Raiders up for a one game week ending at Jac-Cen-Del against the Eagles, became a 3 game week after Mother Nature dropped her load of ice and snow.
The Raiders made up their rescheduled game with the Greensburg Pirates on Tuesday, February 20, played the Rising Sun Shiners on Thursday, February 22, to a 56-53 victory, and then ended their regular season play at JCD on Friday, February 23.
The Shiners likewise had planned on a one game week, finishing their 2007 regular season scheduled action on the road at Seymour against the Trinity Lutheran High School Cougars on Friday, February 23. They too ended up with a 3 game week instead, which included a home game against the Jac-Cen-Del Eagles that JCD won 73-37, this home game against the South Ripley Raiders (where the Shiners fell short only 3 points), and then proceeded to the road game as planned at Seymour for the wrap up.
South Ripley - 56
Trent Tucker 15
Michael Fear 14
BJ Sieverding 9
Chris Miller 6
Kyle Patrick 6
Chandler Stearns 2
Erik Demaree 2
Thomas Welch 2
Rising Sun Shiners - 53
Cory Fogle 14
Miles Hornsby 13
Tyler Banschbach 10
Jimmy Young 8
Zeph Vaughn 7
Mike Lovern 1
The Raider JV won 41-36.
Score by Quarter
1. SR 19-9 RS
2. SR 33-23 RS
3. SR 47-33 RS
4. SR 56-53 RS

Raider junior Trent Tucker (40) at 6'4" rises to score over Shiner junior Zeph Vaughn (54) at 6'9" in their Thursday, February 22 game at Rising Sun Middle School gym. The Raiders went on to narrowly win the game by 3 with a score of 56-53. Vaughn and Hornsby negated many Raider shot attempts.