Mission of local author to be completed

Wanda English Burnett - Editor

Carrying out the mission of his beloved wife is something Richard Lengerich intends to do. His wife of 49 years, Ruth or Rudy as she is known in her books, died in December of last year. She had several books in the works and had already published three. Richard vowed to carry out her love of books and continue with the publishing. “I couldn’t do it without my daughter-in-law, Megan,” he noted in an informal interview last week.

The latest book that has just hit bookshelves is Summer Rhapsody, which is the second book in a trilogy. The first was Autumn Serenade, and the third will be announced. The new book is available to check out at the Tyson Library, Versailles, and is also available for purchase as are others that have already been published. You can pick up your own copy at the library, Spencer Tyson Pharmacy in Versailles, or Pat’s Bulk Food, just south of Versailles on US 421.

The book that gave the late Mrs. Lengerich the title of author was Our Baker’s Dozen, which had a lot of biography of her family, including 13 children - nine girls and four boys - and husband, Richard. A reprint of that book was just recently done with 80 pages added to it, according to Richard.

Then, Autumn Serenade and With This Ring I Thee Wed, were added to the collection. With This Ring I Thee Wed is the first in the McKenzie trilogy. Two more will be forthcoming and will also be announced.

The books, all fiction, except Our Baker’s Dozen, have thrilling stories that are wholesome family reading material. “I still have the first book she wrote,” noted Mr. Lengerich, who said it was when his wife was in the second grade. She always had a love for words and knew how to use them.

Mr. Lengerich notes that the family, which was the late author’s inspiration to write, has grown to 30 grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and two more on the way, “both boys,” he laughed.

When all is said and done, Mrs. Lengerich will be published seven times, sharing her talents with readers for generations to come.

Karen Reynolds, assistant librarian at Tyson Library, has read all the books and says she looks forward to future publications. “Ruth was a talented, delightful lady whom I greatly miss,” she noted. She gratefully accepted the latest book for the library’s collection.

Richard Lengerich, right, donates his late wife's latest publication, Summer Rhapsody, to the Tyson Library in Versailles. Accepting on behalf of the library is Karen Reynolds, assistant librarian. The author, Ruth (Rudy) Lengerich passed away in December and Mr. Lengerich is carrying on her wishes to publish material she had prepared.