Holton board makes plans to spruce up park

Cindy DiFazio, Staff Writer

The Holton Town Board met in regular session on Tuesday, March 13 at 9:00 a.m. Board President, Bob Furst and members, Wilma Myers and Ron Palmer were all present. Attorney Larry Eaton and Deputy Clerk-Treasurer, Peggy Furst were also in attendance. The February minutes were read and approved.

Bob Furst shared Clerk-Treasurer, Ron Rayburn’s letter of resignation. Rayburn’s replacement will be temporary until elections are held later this year.

Wilma Myers asked that the board consider building another shelter building in the Holton Community Park. Myers explained, “Sometimes there are two different events going on in the park, and one shelter isn’t enough.” She added that more restrooms would not be necessary, noting that restrooms are very difficult to maintain and that the public tends to abuse them. “It’s a shame,” Myers commented. The vote to add another shelter was unanimous. It was decided that three bids would be sought and that they would try to find a local company to do the work.

Myers also requested that the board consider purchasing a new piece of playground equipment. She reminded them that they had previously discussed adding one piece per year. The board voted unanimously in favor of her request.

Peggy Furst asked about getting a soda machine with a metal enclosure and padlock. Holton resident, Jerry Hon, who works for Coca-Cola”, told the board that they could request that type of machine. He recommended that they go with cans rather than bottles due to the price difference. Board member, Ron Palmer, asked, “Would there be any profit for the town?” Hon answered that even at $.50 per can the town would make enough of a small profit to cover the cost of maintaining the machine.
The board took a step toward keeping the park safe by approving the purchase and use of video surveillance cameras.

Wilbur Myers reported that a new flag is needed for the park as well as two new trash cans and a load of mulch. He was given the go-ahead to make those purchases out of the park’s budget.

In keeping with the “spring cleaning” theme, town marshal Billy Moore suggested renting a street sweeper. Moore recommended waiting until April to be sure the winter weather is over. It was also reported that a new mower has been purchased and work has been completed on the chipper.

Holton citizen, April McLaughlin addressed the board concerning people speeding and driving recklessly in town. She stated that motorists were going unsafe speeds all times of the day, especially on Versailles Street. McLaughlin said that she is very worried that a child is going to get hurt because children walk along Versailles Street to get to the park and community center. “Traffic is flying with Billy not patrolling,” she warned. Bob Furst told McLaughlin that he has spoken with the sheriff’s department and was promised more patrols. “I agree with you 100%,” Furst assured her. “I was really upset the other night. They were racing up and down the road. It’s been a race track since Billy’s been off.” Furst suggested that the public contact the sheriff’s office regarding the problem, and told McLaughlin, “You have a good point and we appreciate you coming here.”

Some dates to note:
* March 31 - Bunny Breakfast.
* May 5 - Heavy trash pickup.

There being no further business the meeting adjourned at 10:30 a.m.


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