Police arrest five suspects
Missing woman was murdered

Wanda English Burnett- Editor

Police say a Madison woman who has been listed as missing is now the victim of murder. According to information from Sgt. Noel Houze Jr. of the Indiana State Police, Ashley Robinson, 23, was murdered and five people have been arrested and charged in connection with the crime.

Robinson was reported missing to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department on February 12. The state police became involved in the case the last week of February and since that time a joint investigation has been ongoing. It was announced on March 14 that Robinson had been murdered.

Although Robinson’s body has not been found, five people have been arrested and are facing charges of Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder, according to police. Arrested last week were: Brandon Skinner, 24, of Madison; Michael Cory Bowling, 24, of Hanover; Brian Kemp, 27, of Hanover; Donielle Sherley, 23, of Madison; and Carissa Miller, 18, of Hanover. Skinner, Bowling and Kemp are being held in the Jefferson County Jail with Sherley and Miller being held in the Switzerland County Jail.

Last Friday, March 16, authorities searched the Ohio River bank in the area known as the Saluda Bottoms near Hanover, where police say Robinson was murdered. Police say they obtained information that led to the secluded area off South River Bottom Road where they believe the victim’s body was thrown into a wash along the Ohio River after she had been murdered. The Madison Courier reported that one of the suspects said he shot Robinson twice and then dragged her body into the Ohio River south of Hanover. The five were all acquaintances of Robinson.

While police are not releasing a possible motive, one of the suspects believed Robinson had been molesting his daughter. Robinson was taken by the two female suspects who told her they were going to have a "girls night out." She has been missing since that time, which was January 6 or 7. According to information told to the Madison Courier, Robinson was about 2 1/2 months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.

Sgt. Houze noted that the divers were unable to find the body. Cadaver dogs searched the area and alerted in an area of brush and debris that was near the crime scene. Police say divers may launch a boat this week several miles down stream from the crime scene and search the riverbank back up river toward the scene.

Several agencies are involved in the investigation. Besides the Indiana State Police and Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department, they include: Indiana Department of Natural Resources, IN Sheriff’s Department K-9’s, St. Joseph Township Fire Department K-9’s and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security Search and Rescue K-9’s.


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