Osgood to take over Napoleon gas dept.

Cathy May - Contributing Writer

If all goes as planned, the town of Osgood will be taking over the gas department for the town of Napoleon in the next few months This was discussed at the March meeting of the Napoleon Town Board. In the past two years, Napoleon’s gas department has lost more than $35,000.

Since Napoleon has to buy gas from Osgood, their customers have to pay more. The State of Indiana is also requiring more and more regulations which takes more manpower than the town currently has to keep everything up to date.

Napoleon is currently the smallest municipality in the state to have its own gas system. Because of these situations, the Napoleon Town Board felt it was most beneficial to its citizens to allow Osgood to take over the utility.

In other business: every citizen who currently lives within the town limits of Napoleon will now be able to have a free library card from the Osgood Public Library. The state regulates that an out-of-district card is $27.00 a year and a family is $40.50. The town of Napoleon will pay this annual fee for its residents as of March 15, 2007.

Currently, the Osgood Library Board gives free cards to all students who attend Jac-Cen-Del schools, but although Jackson Township has been invited to join the district, this has yet to happen. Karen Rohlfing, clerk-treasurer, gave a list of town residents to Andrea Ingmire, Osgood library director, at the March meeting.

Deanna Young, Jackson Township’s representative to the Jac-Cen-Del School Board is heading a committee to get all of Jackson Township to become a part of the library district. Ripley County is one of the few counties in the state that has residents who are not served by a public library. The town will prepare of letter of support to this effort.

Two ordinances were signed: One to give the Napoleon Fire Department $2,200 and the other to set the clerk-treasurer’s salary at $9,000.

Two of three town board members, Tim Brancamp and Gerry Linarducci, were present at the March meeting. Town Attorney Larry Eaton and Clerk-Treasurer Karen Rohlfing were also present to advise the board

The next regular meeting of the Napoleon Town Board is scheduled for April 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the Napoleon Senior Center.


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