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March 27, 2007

Milan Indian boys' basketball banquet held on MHS cafeteria stage

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
Milan Indian Varsity Boys' Coach Randy Combs led the basketball banquet with favorable words to his senior players, "Seniors lead the way to the food prepared."
In no more time than it takes others to follow the instruction "gentlemen start your engine", the greatly appreciated feast was underway.
The awards program for the boys' basketball team, cheerleader squads, and others was held on Thursday, March 15.
Following the meal, Coach Combs opened the program for the middle school segment.
Seventh Grade Coach, also Varsity Football Coach, Ryan Langferman spoke of his team and their season. The eighth grade coach, John Jackson, followed with introductions of his team and spoke of their accomplishments, aspirations and expectations for next season as freshmen.
Mrs. Lisa Kirk introduced her middle school cheerleaders and spoke of them, adding that the seniors of the squad were the first girls she had worked with as a sponsor.
Varsity and JV cheerleaders were under the direction of Anne Marie Layden and Gretchen Fuller. Coach Layden spoke of the trials and accomplishments of the squads before passing out their letters and certificates.
Varsity cheerleader Deborah Fryer was named the 110% Award recipient and the Most Improved Award went to Kirby Alloway.
Coach Combs proceeded by speaking of the freshmen boys' team who was coached by John Prifogle, the JV team who was under the direction of Mark Garrett, and for Mike Myers who was the varsity team assistant to Coach Combs.
The boys' varsity awards were:
•Bryant Withers -
Most Valuable Player
•Jerrid McDonald -
110% Award
•Talon Atwell -
Most Improved Player
•Jerrid McDonald -
Free Throw %
with 22/28 @ 78.6%
•Bryant Withers -
Field Goal %
158/292 @ 54.1%
•Bryant Withers -
Rebound Award
153 @ 7.3 rpg
•Jeremy Hunt -
Assist Award
42 @ 2.1 apg

Each senior member received a plaque with their jersey # and something special about their contribution to the team.
2006-2007 Milan Indian boys' team members included:
7th grade boys:
Braden Voss, Luke Ryle, Jacob White, Bret Slites, Dale Ellis, Zach Lewis, Chris Johnson, John Herzog, Kertis Kimla, Aspen Miller, Nick Ryan, Kyle Campos and Ben Lawhorn.
8th grade boys:
Alex Layden, Nick Dixon, Cory Hunter, Joey Thompson, Derek Hornberger, Chris Hunter, Zach Schmidt, Gage Ammons, Robby Shannon and Ethan Voss. Student Managers of both the 7th and 8th grade teams were Hannah Craig and Sami Ryan.
7th grade cheerleaders:
Kayla Bockstahler, Tati Marsee, Megan Niemeyer, Danielle Price, Marki Smith, Jessie Strassell and Kelsey Wheeler.
8th grade cheerleaders:
Lizzie Fuller, Kaleigh Gardner, Stephanie Kirk, Kelsey Reese, Jenny Owens and Elaina Voss.
Freshmen boys:
Steven Marksberry, Neal Herzog, Grayson Miller, Sean Laub, Bryan Peters, Zach Turner, Tyler Allen, Zach Elza, Nick Lohrum, Bryan Lacey, Derek Walker and Michael Brandes.
Reserve varsity boys:
Andrew Dixon, Brandon Withers, Craig McKittrick, Jared Ison, Josh Baker, Alex Walter, Andrew Perkins, Derek Walker, Chris Walker, Alec Lauber, Bryan Peters, Grayson Miller, Sean Laub and Zach Elza.
Varsity boys:
Bryant Withers, Jeremy Hunt, Zach Baker, Jerrid McDonald, Talon Atwell, Justin Rogers, Tyler Kirk, Craig McKittrick, Jeff Werner, Brandon Withers, Josh Baker and Jared Ison.
Freshmen cheerleaders:
Brittani Boothe, Alex Lewis, Brittany Lewis, Daniel Schaefer and Molly Scudder.
JV cheerleaders:
Becky Davis, Ciera Ison, Heather Lambert and Montana Winters.
Varsity Cheerleaders:
Lindsey Roell, Kim Atwell, Deborah Fryer, Lacee Alloway, Kirby Alloway, Kady Alloway, Jennifer Wullenweber, Kara Riker, Kendra Walker, Abby Bergman and Natasha Haugh.

Indian Varsity members are pictured from left: Tyler Kirk, Zach Baker, Jeremy Hunt, Jeff Werner, Jerrid McDonald, Bryant Withers, Talon Atwell, Brandon Withers and Josh Baker. Senior team member Justin Rogers was working and unavailable for banquet and photo.

Milan Indian varsity and JV cheerleader coaches Anne Marie Layden and Gretchen Fuller speak of the cheer team's performances over the 2006-2007 season. Pictured front from left are Lindsey Roell, Jennifer Wullenweber, Kirby Alloway, Abby Bergman, Kady Alloway, standing Stephanie Kirk, Lisa Kirk, Lacee Alloway and Becky Davis. Row 2: Brittani Boothe, Ciera Ison, Brittany Lewis, Montana Winters and Kim Atwell. Row 3: Alex Lewis, Heather Lambert, Molly Scudder, Danielle Schaefer and Deborah Fryer. Not pictured are Natasha Haugh, Kara Riker, and Kendra Walker.

2006-2007 Milan Lady Indian basketball players are honored

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
Milan High School Varsity Lady Indian Coach Jeff Stutler extended a warm welcome and thank you to those who had come to honor the girls' basketball programs. Coach Stutler stated that they should all make a "Commitment to Excellence" as they move forward. He further added that setting goals should be primary and that once those goals are achieved, new goals should be set to strive for.
The annual affair was once again held in the MHS cafeteria and on the stage. Fresh cut flower arrangements were strategically placed to brighten the room for the Lady Indian players. The Lady Indian basketball honors and awards program was held on Tuesday evening, March 13. Special guests of the evening were the Lady basketballers of grades 5 thru 12, their coaches and managers and parents Many types of treats and drinks were available for all to enjoy during the program.
Four senior players were noted for their contributions and performance. They were: Lacee Alloway, Denise Lawhorn, Amanda Walter and Cassie Billingsley who was unable to attend.
Coach Stutler made note of many goals set at the opening of the season that had been met and the yet needed adjustments that needed more work to make the program even better. Large strides have been accomplished, but further commitment is a necessity by coaching staff and players alike he stated.
Among the awards presented to the players were:
(which is selected by a vote of the players on the team)
• Lady Indian Varsity MVP Award to senior Lacee Alloway
• Lady Indian Varsity 110% Award - senior Denise Lawhorn
• Lady Indian Varsity Most Improved Player Award - sophomore Jessica Wessler

Coaches Tim Atwell and Tara Ward had exchanged duties for the '06-'07 girls basketball season, as Ward's duties as a new mother had kept her away from the practices etc. early on. Atwell took the reins of the JV girls' team with Ward acting as both Varsity and JV Assistant Coach.
Coach Atwell also spoke of the progress of the JV team and areas they would continue to address to make their team better.
The Most Improved Player Award was voted by team members to be presented to Oxana Salzman. Salzman is a senior exchange student who had previously had no experience on a basketball team before attending Milan High School this year. She continued to work hard and contribute to her team's efforts until an ankle injury sidelined her for much of the seasons play. She will be missed, as will all the senior Lady Indians.
Coach Angie Volz and Brandy Lacey of the 7th and 8th grade girls teams respectfully, addressed their teams season records, trials and accomplishments.
Coach Bobby Davis encouraged his 5th and 6th grade girls team members to continue to work on their basketball skills over the summer, stating that much speed is coming soon to the schools teams with the girls as they advance.
The '06-'07 Milan Indian Middle School and High School girls basketball team members included:
5th grade girls:
Karissa Bockstahler, Whitney Couch, Alexis Cyrus, Brooklyn Honnert, Cheyenne Jarrett, Hannah Lohrum, Jessie Minneman, Staci Ollman, Anna Palastro, Ashlee Riechman, Katelyn Schmidt, Kayla Sexton, Kaycee Steele, Dakota Stites, Lauren Thomas, Shelbie Walter and Lydia Yellow Hawk.
6th grade girls:
Ashley Ahaus, Brianna Campos, Danielle Davidson, Stephanie Evans, Saddie McConnell, Mallory McKittrick, Sara Ollman, Kelsey Pindell, Tiffany Roark, Mary Rohrig, Shelby Ross, Rachel Smith, Maria Voss, LeeAnna White and Kim Wooten.
7th grade girls:
Jessica Strassell, Lydia Ertel, Kayla Bockstahler, Katelyn Holton, Brandi Hoffman, Tatijana Marsee, Koehler Morrssey, Kayla Maybrier, Marki Smith, Danielle Wood and Manager Katie Kline.
8th grade girls:
Elaina Voss, Danielle Honeycutt, Stephanie Kirk, Lizzie Fuller, Kelsey Reese, Brittany Patrick, Arielle Noel, Hannah Wessler and Manager Katie Kline.
Reserve Varsity girls:
Oxana Salzman, Abby Bergman, Kirby Alloway, Kayla Stutler, Montana Winters, Brittany lewis and Ciera Ison.,
Varsity girls:
Kelly Stutler, Kady Alloway, Rebecca Haugh, Jessica Wessler, Amanda Walter, Cassie Billingsley, Denise Lawhorn, Lacee Alloway, Abby Bergman, Emily Schmaltz, Kirby Alloway, Kayla Stutler, and Kaity Barton.

Milan Lady Indian basketball team enjoy their winter sports program and fan support
Pictured front from left are: Lacee Alloway, Denise Lawhorn, Kirby Alloway and Kady Alloway. Row 2: Maria Thompson, Ciera Ison, Abby Bergman, Chelsea Ross and Manager Emily Reece. Row 3: Amanda Walter, Emily Schmaltz, Cheyenne Winters, Oxana Salzman and Josie Hartman. Back Row: Kayla Stutler, Kelly Stutler, Jessie Wessler, Brittney Lewis, Rebecca Haugh and Montana Winters. Senior Cassie Billingley and junior Kaity Barton were unavailable for photo.