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March 29, 2007

Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagle senior Abby Lauber is awarded '06-'07 Ripley Publishing Co., Inc. Girls' Basketball Excellence Award during JCD Basketball Awards Program

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

The Eagle basketball awards program was held in the Jac-Cen-Del High School gym on Thursday evening, March 22.
The jr. high awards were first on the agenda and began at 6 PM with JCD AD Mark Meyer extending a welcome and thanking the many who had helped to make the season once again a success for the Eagles.
Jr. High
The 7th grade boys' team, coached by Travis Rohrig, had a season record of 1-16 and included: Garrison Benoit, Randy Hodges, Cody Martin, Andrew Snyder, AJ Ertel, Codie Horan, Tyler Reatherford, Dustin Wagner, Cory Hellmich, Aaron Hountz, Jared Ronsheim and Duncan Wolff. Awards presented were to Aaron Hountz - Most Improved, Cory Hellmich - Mental Attitude and Duncan Wolff -Scholastic with a 10.85 GPA.
The 7th grade girls' team, coached by April Hughes, had a season record of 7-7 and included: Torie Gilland, Emily Huntington, Heather Huffmeyer, Lauren Garnett - Manager, Kara Wagner, Meagan Hughes, Megan Obermeyer, Morgan Young, Allie Shinkle, Idona Newhart, Kelsey Pilz and Hannah Kappes. Awards presented were to Emily Huntington - Most Improved, Morgan Young - Most Determined, Meagan Hughes - Mental Attitude and Hannah Kappes -Scholastic with an 11.14 GPA.
The 8th grade boys' team, coached by David Espinada, had a season record of 13-4 (6-0) against conference teams with a perfect 9-0 road record) and won the 8th Grade Boys' Tournament.
Team members included: Joe Abplanalp, Clay Comer, Derek Lunsford, Logan Simon, Kyle Abrams, Dalton Garnett, Caleb Payne, Zach Swain, Trevor Arnett, Travis Hardesty, and Brock Shadday. Awards presented were to Clay Comer - Most Improved, Derek Lunsford - Most Determined (carried a 78% FT%), Joe Abplanalp - Mental Attitude (carried a 79% FT% and averaged 10 ppg) and Dalton Garnett - Scholastic with an 11.16 GPA.
The 8th grade girls' team, coached by Matt McNew, had a season record of 13-2 including a 10 win in a row run. The girls' finished 5-1 against would be conference teams). The team included: Kayla Kohlman, Erica Hicks, Alyssa Hammond, Brooke Gilland, Hailee Sizemore, Erica Caudill, Janae Horn, Heather Linville - Manager, Becca Wagner, Andi Roberts, Nicole Wirth and Kristina Moore - Manager. Awards presented were to Erica Caudill - Most Improved, Alyssa Hammond - Most Improved, Hailee Sizemore - Most Determined, Brooke Gilland - Mental Attitude and Becca Wagner - Scholastic with an 11.0 GPA.
The 7th and 8th grade cheerleaders were coached by Marla Simon. The 7th grade squad included: Torie Gilland, Meagan Hughes, Emily Huntington, and Allie Shinkle. Awards presented were to Emily Huntington - Mental Attitude and Meagan Hughes - Scholastic with a 10.57 GPA. The 8th grade squad included: Brooke Gilland, Megan Hardy, Erica Hicks, Megan Joseph and Kayla Kohlman. Awards presented were to Kayla Kohlman - Mental Attitude and Brooke Gilland - Scholastic with a 10.33 GPA.
While preparing for the high school segment of the program, the tables were filled with hardware earned by the Eagle teams' efforts this season. Included in the display were both Ripley Publishing Co., Inc. traveling "Pride Trophies", one for the boys and one for the girls and a pair of ORVC conference Championship trophies. One for the Boys and one for the Girls, as both varsity squads finished with perfect 6-0 seasons. This duo venture was a first in the school's history.
Also included in the arsenal of hardware were the Boys' Varsity Ripley County Championship trophy and a Sectional Championship trophy with net remnant for both boys' and girls' teams, and a co-ORVC Reserve Boys' championship title trophy for their 5-1 season record, and the Girls' JV Ripley County Tournament Champs title.
Perhaps more important than the hardware, or should I say as important as it, was a letter to JCD Principal Ratledge which came from the Franklin Community School, where the Eagle boys vied in regional competition for a chance to move on to the semi state. Principal Ratledge was unable to attend due to a medical situation in his family, but asked AD Meyer to relay the following:
Noted was the outstanding sportsman type attitudes of the Eagle players after being taken out of the race. The letter spoke volumes of the type of young men who had represented themselves, their families, their school and our community. Real glory obviously sometimes comes to the one without the medal in his hands. (But that would have been nice to have too!)
Lady Eagle senior Abby Lauber was selected as the 2006-2007 Girls' Basketball Excellence Award recipient given by Sports Editor Gary Franklin on behalf of Ripley Publishing Co., Inc.
"All Eagle staff, players, parents and fans have much to celebrate in the accomplishments made by both boys' and girls' teams alike this season," stated AD Mark Meyer, and he again thanked everyone for their hard work and assistance in seeing that it was.
High School
The freshman boys' team, coached by Roy Thomas, had a 9-8 season / 6-3 in conference. Members of the team were Shane Adams, Zach Kappes, Spencer Purdy, Trent Tucker, Eric Wirth, Daniel Harlemert, Donnie Lows, Ryan Schuler, Ethan Wagner, Ethan Harmeyer, Tyler Powers, Devin Shadday and Brandon Wilhoit. Freshman awards were presented to Donnie Lows - Most Improved, Daniel Harlemert - Most Determined, Ethan Harmeyer - Mental Attitude, Spencer Purdy - FT % Award @ 70% and Eric Wirth - Scholastic with an 11.0 GPA.
The Lady Eagle JV, coached by Maurice Meyers, played to a 15-5 season finishing 2nd in ORVC. The team included Carissa Simon, Kara Harlemert, Kristen Hicks, Janine Huff, Kristin Konradi, Samantha White, Alissa Stolze, Allana Newhart, Valorie Wagner, Andrea Rodgers, Ciara Bonnlander and Jessica Comer.
Lady Eagle JV awards were presented to Allana Newhart - Most Improved, Allana Newhart - Scholastic, GPA 10.5, Jessica Comer - Most Determined, Janine Huff - Mental Attitude, Ciara Bonnlander - Mental Attitude and Kristen Hicks - FT % Award @ 77%
The Eagle boys' reserve, coached by Steve Narwold, mastered a 16-4 season record, claimed a co-ORVC champ title for 5-1 and were the Ripley County Tournament champs.
The team included David Busch, Andrew Huff, Gerald Hardesty, Shane Adams, Aaron Harmeyer, Kellen Stolze, Coty Horn, Ethan Harmeyer, Daniel Harlemert, Eric Horan, Tim Arnett, Spencer Purdy and Brandon Wilhoit. Awards were presented to Tim Arnett - Most Improved, Coty Horn - Most Determined, Eric Horan - Mental Attitude, Kellen Stolze - FT% Award @ 70.4%, Gerald Hardesty-Scholastic GPA 11.14.
The Eagle JV and varsity cheerleaders were coached by Cindy Toops and Sue Bunselmeier. The varsity squad included Kara Harlemert, Jaime Lunsford, Kaitlin Hughes, Tanaha Simon, Meagan Jones, Rachel Toops and Justin Eaton - lifter. Awards presented were Kara Harlemert - Mental Attitude, Kara Harlemert- Scholastic GPA 10.83 and Kaitlin Hughes - Outstanding Cheerleader.
JV cheerleaders were Renee Meister, Rachel Brown, Amanda Rangel, Audrey Huffmeyer, Kelley Wagner and Jodi Hardy with Audrey Huffmeyer presented both the Mental Attitude and the Scholastic Award for an 11.0 GPA.
The Lady Eagle varsity, coached by Scott Smith, enjoyed an 18-5 season / 6-0 ORVC for the ORVC championship title and the sectional championship title. This was 4 of the last 6 seasons the Lady Eagles claimed sectional champ titles and the 13th time for JCD Lady Eagle teams. The varsity team included Emily Einhaus, Abby Lauber, Abby Rohlfing, Erika Simon, Kiersten Young, Kaylin Ploeger, Valorie Wagner, Kristen Hicks, Kara Harlemert and Carissa Simon with Managers Erika Franklin, Luke Grow and Justin Eaton.
Awards presented included Emily Einhaus - co-MVP Award, Abby Lauber - co-MVP Award, Abby Rohlfing - Captains Award also now holding the girls' school record for games played at 92, Valorie Wagner - Hustler Award, Abby Lauber - Assist Award which set new school record and led ORVC in assists through the '06-'07 season, ending it ranked 3rd in state, Emily Einhaus - Rebounding Award @ 7.2 rpg, Kiersten Young - Most Improved, Emily Einhaus -FT% Award @ 70.4% playing 6 games straight without missing from the line and Valorie Wagner-Scholastic @ 11.14 GPA.
Named to All-County, All-Conference and All-Regional Teams were Kiersten Young, Emily Einhaus and Abby Lauber. Named to the All-Sectional Team were Emily Einhaus, Abby Lauber, Kiersten Young, Valorie Wagner and Abby Rohlfing. Named to Hoosier Basketball Coaches Assoc. All-Star Team were Abby Lauber and Emily Einhaus. Abby Lauber was presented The Ripley Publishing Co., Inc. Girls' Basketball Excellence Outstanding Player Award, and named to '07 Ripley County 40/8 Girls' All-Star Team were seniors Erika Simon, Abby Rohlfing, Abby Lauber and Emily Einhaus.
The JCD Eagle Varsity, coached by David Bradshaw finished with a 20-4 season / 6-0 ORVC for conference title, won the Ripley County Tourney and were Sectional Champs.
The team included Tucker Brown, Justin Huff, Andrew Wagner, Daniel Leonetti, Thomas Wenning, Blake Sutton, Brandon Gehl, Matt Gehl and Coty Horn with Managers Ben Demaree, Ethan Hess and Brock Shadday. Statisticians were Janine Huff, Kiersten Young, Abby Rohlfing, Emily Einhaus and Abby Lauber.
Awards presented were Matt Gehl - MVP, Justin Huff - Captain Award, Tucker Brown - Captain Award, Daniel Leonetti - Hustler Award, Justin Huff - Rebound Award @144, Blake Sutton - Most Improved, Thomas Wenning - Most Improved, Brandon Gehl - Assist Award @ 106, Matt Gehl - FT% @ 76.9%, Andrew Wagner - Scholastic Award for an 11.14 GPA which earns him the #1 spot in the senior class. Named to All County Team were Justin Huff, Tucker Brown, Brandon Gehl, Matt Gehl and Blake Sutton. Named the Ripley County Tourney MVP - Justin Huff. Named to the All Sectional Team were Tucker Brown, Blake Sutton, Brandon Gehl, Matt Gehl and Justin Huff and named to All Conference Team were Matt Gehl, Blake Sutton, Tucker Brown and Brandon Gehl.

Jac-Cen-Del MS Eagle winter sports award winning athletes pictured front from left are: Clay Comer, Joe Abplanalp, Dalton Garnett, Derek Lunsford, Brooke Gilland, Becca Wagner, Kayla Kohlman and Erica Caudill. Row 2: Hailee Sizemore, Alyssa Hammond, Aaron Hountz and Duncan Wolff. Top row: Hannah Kappes, Morgan Young, Emily Huntington and Meagan Hughes. Not pictured were Cory Hellmich, Garrison Benoit, Randy Hodges, Megan Joseph and Caleb Payne.

Jac-Cen-Del HS Eagle winter sports award winning athletes pictured front from left are: Abby Lauber, Janine Huff, Valorie Wagner, Kara Harlemert, Abby Rohlfing, Emily Einhaus, Ciara Bonnlander and Kaitlin Hughes. Row 2: Tucker Brown, Gerald Hardesty, Kiersten Young, Kristen Hicks, Jessica Comer, Coty Horn and Brandon Gehl. Row 3: Blake Sutton, Justin Huff, Audrey Huffmeyer, Daniel Harlemert, Eric Wirth, Ethan Harmeyer and Spencer Purdy. Row 4: Thomas Wenning, Tim Arnett, Kellen Stolze and Eric Horan. Top row: Matt Gehl, Daniel Leonetti and Andrew Wagner. Not pictured: Allana Newhart and Donnie Lows.