Versailles marshal leads undercover operation
Two women face felony drug charges

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

Felony charges were filed last week against two women following a month long investigation by Versailles Marshal Joe Mann.

The marshal led an undercover drug buy with a confidential informant in Ripley County that resulted in the seizure of one pound of marijuana. Information from the Ripley County Prosecutor’s Office noted that the confidential informant had been used to buy drugs on previous occasions leading up to the buy/bust operation. The buy, that had originally been scheduled to take place in Dearborn County, was moved to Ripley County at the property of Deborah Mann, (2601 West CR 450 South) who was arrested along with Deborah L. Biggers of Aurora.

Both women were taken into custody and later charged with various charges. Mann was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana, and Possession of Marijuana with a prior conviction, all of which are Class D Felonies. She was also charged as a Habitual Controlled Substance Offender.

Biggers was charged with Conspiracy to Commit Dealing in Marijuana and Possession of Marijuana, both Class D Felonies.

The marshal noted that the marijuana amount they confiscated could be worth several hundred dollars, depending on how it was broken down, packaged and sold. He and K-9 Partner Buddy, along with Osgood Town Marshal Rodney Stepleton and his K-9 Partner, Farrell, are waging war on drugs in the area. “What it takes is everyone working together,” Mann concluded.

Assisting Marshal Mann with this operation were officers from the Indiana State Police, Osgood Police Department, Ripley County Sheriff’s Department and the Ripley County Prosecutor’s Office.