Milan teacher comes under fire

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

A Milan elementary teacher came under media fire last week when she allegedly made two male students wear hair bows and then cut one of the student’s hair.

The story aired on WCPO’s Channel 9, Cincinnati news at 11:00 p.m. Wednesday night and again the next day. It was also broadcast on radio and other city television news stations.

The teacher, Jennifer Block, is said to have made two male students - Brad Eggleston and Caleb Hackman, wear hair bows she borrowed from a classmate, a girl. This was to keep their hair out of their faces. The students were interviewed by Channel 9 news crews where they told they had to wear the hair bows. Hackman said he asked the teacher to give him a haircut and she complied. He told the media, “She combed my hair and then she cut it...”

Jerry Hackman, father of Caleb, told the media he was concerned because he wasn’t notified by the school and said the process was “degrading.” His son agreed telling Channel 9, “It was embarrassing, it didn’t feel good.”

While school officials said they couldn't discuss personnel matters, Friday afternoon School Superintendent Andrew Jackson said the matter had been investigated, resolved with both the parents and teacher, and closed. “We’ve had nothing but positive feedback about the teacher,” he told the Osgood Journal.

A close friend of one of the family’s involved, who wished to remain anonymous said her child had Block for a teacher and thought she was great. “I was totally shocked when I heard about this,” she noted. “It’s really out of character for her.”