Osgood signs to provide gas to Napoleon

Cathy May - Contributing Writer

At the regular meeting of the Osgood Town Council, they adopted Resolution 2007-6 stating, “The Town of Napoleon has determined that the Town of Osgood is able to provide natural gas service to the residents of the Town of Napoleon in a more efficient and economical manner and it is in the best interests of the Town of Napoleon and its residents to have the Town of Osgood provide said gas service to the Town of Napoleon.”

The Osgood Town Council adopted the resolution and signed the agreement for the sale and purchase of the town of Napoleon’s gas utility. Attorney Mary Ann Gay will take the agreement to the Town of Napoleon for their signatures. The effective date of the agreement is May 1.

Gas Superintendent Steve Wilhoit reported he is preparing for the May 1 takeover of the Napoleon Gas System. An informational packet is being prepared that will be sent out to the Napoleon Gas customers. Wilhoit stated the odorization equipment is in and working well. He will be getting some quotes for securing (roof and fencing) the odorant station.

An ordinance annexing and making a part of the Town of Osgood Certain Described Territory Contiguous to the Corporate Limits of the Town of Osgood. A public hearing will be advertised and certified mail will be sent to those affected. The hearing will be scheduled for July 17.

Two garbage quotes were presented. Linkel was approved with a low bid of $68,324.04.

Marshal Rodney Stepleton said the new state leash law would be coming into effect. He said he had also tagged and had eight cars moved that were in violation of the town’s ordinance. He also assisted with several drug arrests.

The Compliance with Statement and Benefits for Best Metal Finishing will be signed only if they comply with Resolution 2001-2 by May 15.

The hand held devices used for meter reading are obsolete. A demonstration on new hand helds will be scheduled in May. Datamatic will take the old equipment and trade it in for the purchase of new hand helds. The upgrade quote with trade is $10,410. This is for two hand helds and two cradles and training.

All three town board members were present: Jeff Volz, Linda Krinop and Gary Norman. Attorney Mary Ann Gay and Clerk-Treasurer Tammy Wilhoit were present to advise the board. The next regular meeting of the Osgood Town Council will be May 15 at 7:00 p.m. at the Osgood Town Hall.