Who will be the next queen?

Wanda English Burnett - Editor

‘ “I gained new relationships with girls throughout the county that I still talk to today. I gained new people skills, and it became much easier for me to initiate conversations with strangers. I gained self confidence. I saw myself in a new light, and it is now much easier for me to believe in myself.” Those words came from Miss Ripley County 2006, Amanda Harmeyer.

The experience of simply competing in a county queen pageant is one most contestants will tell you is “one in a lifetime.” They enjoy the camaraderie of the other girls, make new friends, get interview experience, and take away a sense of self-satisfaction.

Applications are now being taken for the 2007 pageant, according to Penny Moore, Miss Ripley County Queen publicity chair, and former Miss Ripley County. Moore noted that applications are due no later than May 31. Additional information, including rules for the pageant are posted on www.ripleycountyqueen.com.

Contestants are required to attend the Queen’s Tea on June 8, a preparation meeting for the Tea on June 14, and rehearsal on July 6. Miss Ripley County will be crowned on Sunday, July 8 at the Jac-Cen-Del High School.

Each contestant must be 16 years old and cannot have had their 21st birthday as of August 17, the first day of the 2007 Indiana State Fair Queen Pageant. They must be an Indiana resident, US Citizen, and represent their home county. Each girl must be an active member of at least one worthwhile organization in her community, which could include church groups, Girl Scouts, 4-H, etc. No professional model will be eligible. If a contestant has competed in a State Fair Queen Pageant, they cannot compete again.

The list of rules also notes that contestants will be judged in professional wear, evening gown, and on personal interviews, which will be conducted July 7.

Contestants are required to participate in the pre-pageant activities and the opening ceremonies along with activities throughout the Ripley County 4-H Fair.

For additional information, Erin Menchhofer, Ripley County Queen Pageant coordinator can be reached at 812-498-2150 or email her at erin@ripleycountyqueen.com.