Commissioners get
year-to-date summary from EMS Director

Cindy DiFazio - Staff Writer

The Ripley County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, May 8. Present were Commissioners Robert Reiners, Chuck Folz and Lawrence Nickell. County Attorney Neil Comer and County Auditor, Mary Ann McCoy were also in attendance.

EMS Director, Scott Huffman, reported on that department’s activities so far in 2007. In January, there were 136 medic dispatches, 131 in February, 136 in March and 129 in April. EMS averaged 4-5 runs per day. Huffman noted that on one very unusually hectic day, there were 13 runs with seven patients transported to hospitals.

By district, in April, EMS10 had 29 runs, Rescue 20 had nine, Rescue 30 had 33 and Rescue 69 had 58.

Huffman told commissioners that the EMS budget is in good shape. “I don’t see any shortfalls,” he commented. Huffman also reported that he does not foresee the need for any new vehicles until possibly 2009. He told commissioners that all they have required is normal maintenance in the form of new tires, brake work, oil changes, etc.

EMS employees are getting training in a number of areas. They will participate in extrication as well as rope training in May and June. Then they will gear up for a Critical Care Class in September.
Attorney Neil Comer offered a county ordinance concerning reserve police officers to the commissioners for approval. The ordinance states that reserve officers are to be appointed by a merit board. The Ripley County Sheriff would have authority to terminate a reserve officer. There are to be no more than 35 reserves. The merit board would decide on residency requirements. Training is to be determined by the State. Reserve officers will be volunteers not eligible for employee benefits.

Benefits such as uniforms and insurance as well as funding appropriations are to be determined by the County Council. Commissioner Chuck Folz made a motion to approve the Reserve Officer Authorization Ordinance, which was seconded by Lawrence Nickell. The motion was approved unanimously.