Milan honors five retiring employees

Wanda English Burnett - Editor

Five retirees: Connie Cottingham, Ray Baurley, Linda Baurley, David Steckel and Michael Parks, were recognized at the regular meeting of the Milan Community School Corporation Board of School Trustees May 21. They were each presented an engraved clock from Superintendent Andrew Jackson, denoting their many years of dedication to the corporation.

Under old business the superintendent gave a report on the pool renovation project. He noted that he and Jerry Firestone had met with the original bidder, Poole Group, Inc. and a new bid was presented that is within the budget. The new bid to do the ceiling, tank and deck will be $65,615, with an additional $6,200 to paint the walls. The total project is $71,815. The superintendent recommended approval of the project.

In other business:

• Handbooks for 2007-2008 were approved with revisions from the May 3 meeting.

• Field trip requests were granted for Zach Wade to take 40 NJHS members to Dave & Buster’s in Cincinnati on June 4; and for Melinda Williamson, John Jackson and Tresa Patz to take approximately 50 SADD members to King’s Island on June 1.

• A fundraising request from Anne Marie Layden and Gretchen Fuller for cheerleaders to hold a rummage sale was granted.

• A lease agreement was approved for Wendi Garrett to hold a gymnastics show in the high school on June 24.

• A petition signed by most of the bus drivers requested the number “12” be retired as a bus route number in honor of the late Hank Voss was brought before the board. This request was tabled until the superintendent could speak with Mrs. Voss concerning the issue.

• Two senior GQE waivers were approved. The superintendent noted that the students had met all the qualifications for the waivers and requested they be awarded diplomas at commencement exercises.
Board members heard a request to adopt two new science books. Superintendent Jackson noted that there would be a new class in environmental science and an integrated chemistry/physics class for the 2007-2008 school year. One of the present teachers licensed in chemistry would be qualified to teach the integrated chemistry/physics class. The following textbooks were approved: Treasures from McMillan McGraw Hill for fifth and sixth grade reading; Reading With a Purpose from Glencoe, McGraw Hill for seventh and eighth grade; Environmental Science from Holt, Rinehart, Winston, and Integrated Chemistry/Physics from Glencoe/McGraw Hill.

Superintendent Jackson noted that due to the hard work of elementary principal Jane Rogers, elementary counselor Brenda Schwering and Debra Johnson, elementary secretary, the state awarded the elementary school a grant of $15,000 for the next two years to help provide a full time elementary counselor. At present they have a half time counselor. This would provide full day coverage at little extra cost to the corporation.

Two companies have submitted quotes for repairs needed to the middle school roof. They are: NuTec and Southern Roofing. Jackson was given approval to get clarification on specs and spend up to $60,000 for the roofing project.

A report was given on kindergarten funding. The superintendent noted that all schools had to report an estimated 2007-08 count to the state by June 15. They will in turn be told the amount of state funding the school will receive by June 25. “Although presently we offer full day kindergarten to twenty students through Title I funding, there are strict stipulations on this money,” noted Jackson.

Under personnel, summer school positions approved were:

• Stefani Bedel for summer band

• Steve Gutzwiller, driving instructor

• Michael Myers, for first session English

• Ron Prosser , second session English

• Brenda Walter, for Algebra I

• Lisa Bradshaw, Linda Swisher, Amy Ralston, Paul Brunner, Dana Burton, Kris Clark, Judy Powlen, and Mary Pat Taylor for Jumpstart.

The resignation of John Jackson was approved. He was a middle school football coach. Kevin Walter was approved as the co-ed varsity soccer coach and Judy White for the middle school cheerleading sponsor. Jeffrey Stutler was approved as a full time middle school social studies teacher.