Mow your grass or pay $500

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

If your grass is more than 6-inches high in Versailles it will now cost you $500 per day until it is cut. This is a part of the Nuisance Ordinance recently passed by the Versailles Town Board at their June 14 meeting.

If your property is found to be a nuisance, the property owner will be given five days written notice to comply before the $500 per day penalty. Although the ordinance was written primarily because of high grass and weeds, it covers many other areas such as: rubbish, junk, dilapidated buildings, obnoxious odors, stagnant water and noxious fumes.

Many residents of Versailles will be affected by the new Resolution also passed at the meeting. Anyone who is serviced by the town’s water and wastewater collection must pay their bill within five days of the due date or will have their service disconnected after ten days of the due date. Disconnection will require an additional deposit of $100 to hook back up in addition to a re-connection fee. This Resolution will go into effect July 12.

Tom Duvee, owner of Gaslight Village, said he was going to build mini warehouses on the west side of Gaslight Drive. The town will put up signs reading “no parking of semis or mobile homes” on Gaslight Drive.

There was considerable discussion on the correct height to put up decorative stop signs purchased by the Historical Preservation Society with a grant from the Tyson Fund. Marshal Joe Mann was given information that the signs must be 6' high from the bottom of the sign to the ground. Also, there must be a yellow line from the corner where the sign is placed for six feet. The old signs will not be changed, but as new signs are added they will be put up according to the state guidelines.

Jerry Gilpin was present to discuss the site for the new sports complex. Gilpin said he has talked to more than 100 people and no one wants the complex to be located at the lagoon. There is 32 acres next to the high school that the school will own next July. The money has already been put aside for the purchase.

Marshal Joe Mann’s activity report for May listed 47 police calls, four accidents investigated, five citations, and 100 warnings issued.

Clerk-Treasurer, Ted Spurlock, reported the Town Court took in $2,500 in 2005, $5,300 in 2006 and $9,000 so far in 2007. Ohio Rod Products requested tax abatement for another year.

There is concern about the cost of the water plant. In May the town took in $29,000 and spent $40,000. Superintendent Kevin Hensley said he has cut expenses as much as he possible can. The town plans to have a water rate study completed as soon as possible.

Kevin Hensley said he needs an ordinance which allows golf carts to be used only for reading water meters and not for residents personal use. He said everything is going well at the water plant. Mark Salyers said the same for the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Fire Chief Tracy Moore said an architect has been chosen for the building project.

All three Town Board members were in attendance: Sue Meisberger, Jim Taul and John Holzer. Attorney Larry Eaton and Clerk-Treasurer Ted Spurlock were present to advise the board. The next regular meeting of the Versailles Town Board will be July 12 at the Versailles Town Hall.