Osgood to proceed with waterworks project

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

The Osgood Town Council signed the contract and the notice to proceed with Johannigman’s for the Waterworks Improvement Project. A preconstruction meeting with Johannigman Excavating was planned for Tuesday, June 26 at 8:30 a.m. at the Osgood Town Hall.

The following Commonwealth Claims were approved: $4,352.00 Invoice #1 for Bid/Construction Phase on Water Project, $115.00 Invoice #4 for Easement/Permit Phase on Water Project, $313.59 Gas Utility Mapping, $289.40 Wastewater Land Application Permit (final), and $439.70 Shook Street Sewer Extension.

The general service agreement between Commonwealth Engineers and the Town of Osgood was signed. Their contract had not been updated since 2004.

The claim to Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning Commission in the amount of $33,750.00 for Water Improvement Project Grant Administration services was approved.

Best Metal Finishing’s Compliance with Statement of Benefits was presented for council approval. Due to the lack of meeting the employment goals, the property owner is not in substantial compliance. Motion was made to decline the approval of the Statement of Benefits for Best Metal Finishing.

Julie Brancamp, representing the Ripley County Park Department, was present asking for permission to use the fire hydrant to water the racetrack for the rest of this year. Council told her the park would need to come up with another solution for obtaining water for the racetrack. The fire hydrants are for fire use only. They did allow the Ripley County Park to use the hydrant by the horse barn for farm week and fair week only.

Jason Smith, president of Task Unit One, was present requesting funding for 2008 for $5,700. Attorney Mary Ann Gay will prepare an addendum to the contract, which states there will be a six month review. If the review is satisfactory, they will receive half of their payment in June and another review will be done at the end of the year, if that is satisfactory then they will receive the second half of their payment.

Osgood Fire Chief Chris Lemen invited Brad Samples from MainSource Insurance to review the current disability plan. The fire department would like to increase the weekly disability income, in the event that a fireman was injured. Samples presented council with two options that could be implemented. The clerk-treasurer will need to look at funding.

Chris Adams of Lawrenceburg was present wanting to discuss the termination of the police officer Deputy Stilts. Council told him that was a personnel issue that cannot be discussed in a public meeting. If Deputy Stilts wished to speak to the council they would set up an executive session.
Jody Davis told the council it was her opinion they had made a poor choice in the termination of Deputy Stilts. She stated that her daughter felt more comfortable talking with a female officer than she did with Marshal Rodney Stepleton.

Ordinance 2007-4; An Ordinance regulating sanitary sewer connections for the purpose of eliminating the introduction of prohibited waters into the Osgood sanitary sewer system was approved.
Motion was made to hire Kyle Negangard to the gas/street department as a floater.

Street Superintendent Steve Wilhoit stated that the two-year lease would be coming up at the end of July on the bobcat. He is working on the prices for trade in. Wilhoit said they have been doing some clean up at the south quarry. He stated this is a really nice area and people are not respecting the town’s property. People are not removing their trash and some vandalism has been taking place. He stated the water department would be putting up signs prohibiting fishing behind the water plant. If people do not start respecting this property, the town will look at prohibiting all fishing at the quarries again.

Steve Wilhoit stated the structure is up at the gas regulator station, north of Napoleon.
All three council members were present: Jeff Volz, Linda Krinop and Gary Norman. Clerk-treasurer Tammy Wilhoit was present to advise the board. The next meeting of the Osgood Town Council will be Tuesday, July 17 at 7:00 p.m. at the Osgood Town Hall.