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June 28, 2007


Hoosier bowhunter captures Namibian gold medal with pending world record springbuck

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
After a flight of about 15 hours, the Ripley County Indiana resident, Rick Mittendorf arrived for a 10 day hunting trip in Namibia, Africa. It is a small country of about 2 million people located on Africa's west coast.
Mittendorf hunted with Julio and Fernando Lopes of Damara Dik Dik Safaris near Tsumeb, Namibia. The season at the time of the hunt was winter there with temperatures of near 70's during daytime and 50's at night. Near perfect weather with bright sunshine and cloudless skies as Mittendorf put it, "looks a lot like Arizona." "The terrain has small mountains covered with thorny bushes and trees, and the soil is sandy and very rocky."
While on the trip, Mittendorf took eight head of game with his bow. They included two kudu, a gemsbok, a blue wildebeest, a blesbuck, a duiker, a warthog and of course the pending new world record springbuck as scored by Safari Club International.
The Namibian government awarded him an official scoring sheet and a gold medal.

Pictured above is Rick Mittendorf with his pending world record springbuck, taken by his bow, as scored by Safari Club International.

Pictured from left are Mittendorf with along side friend and fellow hunter Wayne Bowden. During the trip he had an encounter with a black mamba snake. Bowden shot the 9' black mamba with his bow from 22 yards. The black mamba is Africa's deadliest snake and has enough venom to kill seven cows.

Pictured above are bowhunter Rick Mittendorf and one of two Kudu Bulls that he shot on his Namibia, Africa, safari during what is their winter months, (70's during the day and 50's at night).


Bonnlander signs with Grace Bible College

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
Grace Bible College Tiger's Basketball Head Coach Gary Bailey announced that 2007 Jac-Cen-Del Eagle graduate Jacob Bonnlander has signed. "Bonnlander is a 6'11" forward/center that should help GBC inside next year", states Bailey. Bonnlander is the son of Tom and Tammy Bonnlander of Osgood.
"It has been a wonderful process of recruiting Jake the past couple of months." "It has been a pleasure to visit Jake and his parents and get to know them. Jacob will be a great fit at Grace and will mesh well with the returning players", said Coach Bailey.
"He has a great personality and unlimited support from his family. He just turned 18 and has a lot of time to develop."
He added, "Jake has the potential to be a dominate player and it will be fun to watch him mature this season."

Jacob Bonnlander