Jac-Cen-Del appeals budget order

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

At the Jac-Cen-Del School Board meeting Superintendent Bill Narwold advised the 2007 budget order was received from the Department of Local Finance. Jac-Cen-Del is appealing and awaiting the results.
Treasurer Ruth Ann Peetz reported she had received some excise tax ($92,374.75) and property tax ($78,002.08) from the county. Also, she received reimbursement from Ripley, Ohio and Dearborn Special Education for teachers who were paid by Jac-Cen-Del in the amount of $184,524.57.

Peetz advised the board of the new accounting system numbers, which will be in place January 1, 2008. This is a complete overhaul of all fund numbers, appropriations, line numbers and revenue account numbers. These new numbers will be breaking down cost by building, positions, benefits, etc. This new accounting method will take hours to enter into the computer and will mean the new budget for 2008 will need to be entered by hand.

The treasurer received the recent audit rulings by the State Board of Accounts. There were no exceptions to the audit for the corporation, which was a first, but a few minor suggestions for improvement for the high school and elementary school. These items will be discussed later with the building principals.

Jennifer Prince was hired as an English teacher for the Jr./Sr. high school. Three special education teachers were hired: Andrea Carroll, Lisa Hughes, and Sarah Jaisle. Homebound teachers, Jump Start teachers and elementary extracurricular positions were approved.

Elementary school Principal Leanna Phillippe said the Relay for Life team collected more than $10,600. She thanked Sue Bunselmeier and Carol Volz, who co-chaired the event.

Phillippe advised the medical information cards will be distributed along with a new emergency information card to be completed by the parents. She said goals for the elementary students will create work that students find engaging and challenging. This work will be based on the Indiana Academic Standards.

Superintendent Narwold recognized the baseball team, softball team and several students in the spring sports for their accomplishments. He advised graduation went very well. The 6th grade trip to Chicago was a huge success with the students. Dedra Montgomery received the “I Caught You” award for the month. She was interim athletic director during Mark Myers’ illness.

All five members of the board were present: Deanna Young, Charles Hughes, Paul Hardy, John Billman and Kathleen Dickman.

The next regular meeting of the Jac-Cen-Del School Board of Trustees will be held on Tuesday, July 17, at 6:00 p.m. in the JCD Jr. Sr. High School Cafeteria. It will be the organizational meeting for the year.