Osgood Journal Sports
July 3, 2007

Ripley County Chamber of Commerce 5K Run/Walk results

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
With weather great and participation greater then ever before, the 10th Annual Ripley County Chamber of Commerce 5K Run/walk held on the Square in Versailles on Saturday, June 30, was a huge success. The crowd of run-walk entrants numbered 121 at the onset of the race which set a new record. Ages ranged from 7 to 70 with 62 males and 53 females competing.
For the event, participants were classed by sex, age and event entered into.
The individual run results are as follows.
Ron Perry Jr. (Versailles) 17:17
Kenny LeVille (Madison) 17:42
Ben Montgomery (Vers) 17:54
Ron McAllister (Batesille) 17:57
Jim Cole (Versailles) 18:37
Don Baumgartner (Vers) 18:54
Campbell Higbie (Lex) 19:12
Andy Miller (Holton) 19:18
Kristal Studer (Law) 19:32
Keenen Fryman (Dillsboro) 19:54
Jim LeVille (Madison) 20:22
Bill Bruns (Milan) 20:39
Erik Feider (No Vernon) 20:57
David Creech (G'brg) 20:58
Jenifer Patrick (Holton) 21:09
Chaz Feider (N Vernon) 21:23
Braden Burk (Vevay) 21:27
Andy Hummel (M Hill) 21:37
Linus Fancher (R Sun) 21:42
Harlan Kelly (Madison) 21:47
Paul Kelly (Madison) 21:54
Craig Wullenweber (Wpt) 22:00
Bradlee Burk (Vevay) 22:44
Todd Demaree (Vers) 22:52
Shaun Honnert (Milan) 22:56
Jon Strautman (Aurora) 23:02
Corky Houseworth (Milan) 23:21
Harlan Knudson (Dtn) 23:54
Abbie Kreig (B'ville) 23:56
Norman Knudson (Holton) 24:04
Forrest Dobson (Aur) 24:10
Bridgitte Taylor (Vers) 24:13
Mark Yorn (B'ville) 24:14
Kyle Bradley (Osgood) 24:15
Jon Maxwell (Madison) 24:31
Jeremy Lieland (B'ville) 24:54
Becca Wagner (Osgood) 24:58
Kaitlin Hughes (Osgood) 25:00
Ron Wagner (Osgood) 25:01
Brady Voris (Vevay) 25:09
Kara Wagner (Osgood) 25:13
Julie Demaaree (Vers) 25:22
Austin Wagner (Osgood) 25:58
Carrie Vawter (Columbus) 26:18
Clifton Elston (C Plains) 26:21
Alexander Young (Osgood) 26:24
Rob Bradley (Osgood) 27:04
DP Versweyveld (Ghent, Ky) 27:05
D Versweyveld (Ghent, Ky) 27:06
Jim Scheidler (West Port) 27:22
Braden Burdette (Milan) 27:47
Kellie Elston (CPlains) 27:49
Paula Wullenweber (WPt) 27:55
Ron Linkmeyer (Vers) 28:25
Kayla Bradley (Osgood) 28:58
Kara Harlemert (Osgood) 28:59
Abby Wagner (Osgood) 29:13
JB Menchhofer (Gbrg) 29:14
Brianne Taylor (Versailles) 29:15
Vicki Wagner (Osgood) 29:28
Rachel Burdette (Milan) 29:33
Andy Gulba (Hanover) 29:34
Krisha DeWitt (Osgood) 29:46
Rita McAllister (B'Ville) 29:47
Jeanine Schutte (Osgood) 29:53
Jessie McBroom (Dillsboro) 30:15
Bob Steele (Versailles) 31:07
Michelle Scudder (Holton) 31:08
Linda Borgman (B'ville) 31:12
Alecia Fryman (Dillsboro) 31:24
Anthony Gramaglia (Vers) 31:33
Becky Lovins (Dillsboro) 32:14
Tony Montgomery (Vers) 32:34
Alex Messer (Holton) 33:57
Lisa Bradshaw (Osgood) 33:56
Amy Messer (Holton) 37:09
Cody Lovins (Dillsboro) 38:56
Gerald G. Laswell (Vers) 38:59
Chase Richards (Milan) 39:19
Tracy Kirby (Lexington) 39:46
Diana Kerns (Madison) 39:48
Peggy Richards (Milan) 40:04
Janet Ramig (Osgood) 40:53
Timothy Richards (NVernon) 41:42
Sara Maathes (Versailles) 41:43
Steve Mathes (Versailles) 41:44
Jessica Nichols (Milan) 41:48
Danielle Baugh (Versailles) 41:51
Carrie Bruns (Milan) 41:52
Tracey Burress (Dillsboro) 41:56
Jane Lieland (Batesville) 41:57
Brian Romans (Versailles) 42:47
Mark Taylor (Versailles) 41:48
EK Menchhofer (Grbg) 43:13
Tanner Messer (Holton) 43:14
Marisa Combs (Milan) 43:22
Jacob Baugh (Versailles) 43:23
Danielle Wagner (Osgood) 43:31
Josh Obermeyer (Batesville) 43:32
Sharon Menchhofer (Gbrg) 43:36
Mary Romans (Versailles) 43:45
Amy Taylor (Versailles) 43:46
Beth Mathes (Versailles) 43:47
Jean Sliddens (Arizona) 46:45
Carla Miller (Osgood) 46:46
Steve Conaway (Madison) 47:19
Harriet Knudson (Ohio) 48:50
Nancy Durham (Osgood) 49:25
Leanna Phillippe (Vers) 49:26
Jane Westmeyer (Versailles) 49:27
Emily Gunter (Dillsboro) 50:09
Ashley Mulford (Versailles) 50:12
Anthony Mulford (Vers) 50:21
Sandy Mulford (Versailles) 50:42
Keith Pennington (Mad) 50:59

First, second and third place overall male run winners are pictured above from left, Ron Perry Jr. (17:17) of Versailles, Kenny LeVille (17:42) of Madison and Benjamin Montgomery (17:54) of Versailles.

Third, second and first place overall female run winners are pictured above from left, Abbie Krieg (23:56) of Batesville, Jenifer Patrick (21:09) of Holton and Krystal Studer (19:32) of Lawrenceburg.

Pictured at right above, Gerald G. Laswell at age 70 of Versailles captured the best overall time for the walk at 38:59. He was also the oldest participant to compete. Nice job Gerald! Pictured at left is Diana Kerns of Madison. She was the first female to cross the finish line in the walk. Her time was 39:48.