Napoleon hears about duck weed problem

Cathy May - Contributing Writer

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management inspected the lagoon at Napoleon and had several observations. This was discussed at the Napoleon Town Board meeting last Wednesday, July 11. The report noted that the plant wasn’t discharging and the lagoon was more than half covered with duck weed.

Rod Eaton said that duck weed was a problem every summer. The only thing that will kill the duck weed costs $1,600 a quart and that will only last for one season. It will come back again next year. He said if you wait until the first frost, the duck weed will be gone. The only other thing to use is copper sulfate and Eaton said he is afraid to put the heavy metal in the water.

The only other item that was mentioned on the IDEM report was that on the Monthly Report of Operation there were some decimals in the wrong place. Attorney Larry Eaton will send a letter to IDEM letting them know the town is working on the issues.

Rod Eaton also reported that he had lifted all the manhole covers and a couple have build-up that needs to be flushed out. Member Bill Vankirk offered to use the fire station pumper to wash out the build-up.

Because of the sale of the gas utility to the town of Osgood, the salary ordinance needed to be adjusted to make up for the loss of the gas income. The new ordinance states an additional $2,000 will come from the General Fund, $2,000 from the trash account, and $3,500 from the Sewer Fund for salaries.

Members also met with Keith Abbott of Keith Abbott Inc. to select a site for the new flag pole. The site is the Napoleon Senior Center and it should be erected before the Napoleon Fireman’s Picnic this Saturday, July 21.

All three board members were in attendance: Tim Brancamp, Bill Vankirk and Gerry Linarducci. Attorney Larry Eaton and Clerk Treasurer Karen Rohlfing were also present to advise the board. The next regular meeting of the Napoleon Town Board is scheduled for August 8 at 7:00 p.m. at the Napoleon Senior Center.