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July 17, 2007

Trojan Trot is great success

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
Area 5K run/walk enthusiasts attended the Saturday, July 14 Trojan Trot at St. Leon in numbers greatly higher than anticipated. Many mentioned they expected to see 40, but were very happy when the number reached 100 and were overwhelmed when the final tally at race time passed 180.
The race was the first in the SIRC-IT (Southeast Indiana Racing Circuit) series for 2007. If this was any type of a preface for measurement, many school cross country teams will reap large rewards for their summer efforts. Not only those who are putting on the races who will recieve monetary gain, but in benefits to other teams getting the additional training from running the races itself.
The top three overall male winners of the Trojan Trot 5K Run were Russell Bunn @17:46, Ryan Wieser @ 17:51 and Ron Perry @ 18:00.
The top three overall female winners of the Trojan Trot 5K Run were Kristal Studer @ 20:00, Lindsey Bauman @ 20:18 and Kayce Doogs @ 20:22.
5K Walk results found Bruce Canfield first @ 39:58 and Betty Frey first of the women walkers @42:21.
(Walkers should be advised that walk means walk, not run and walk in the same event. If you run at any time, it is not fair to those who truly walk the entire course.)
The second race in the SIRC-IT series is at Lawrenceburg this coming Saturday, July 21, and is titled the Tiger Classic. For information call Jared Leiker at 812-292-0277.
South Ripley Raider cross country runner Benjamin Montgomery finished the male overall 5K at fourth place in a time of 18:28.

IRC-IT 2007 series Trojan Trot 5K race winners pictured from left are: 2nd place male runner Ryan Wieser, 1st place male runner Russ Bunn, 1st place female runner Kristal Studer, 2nd place female runner Lindsey Bauman and 3rd place male runner Ron Perry. Third place female runner Kayce Doogs was not available for photo.

'Different strokes for different folks
Gary Franklin - Sports Editor

Milan Babe Ruth Team #2 traveled to JCD for their last game of the summer play-off. Milan had three of the last four teams left in the play-off contention at the close of the 2007 season. Players, coaches and fans were pleased with the continuation of improving individual as well as team play by the Milan youth. Prospects for a collectively more positive high school baseball team effort are higher than they have been for some time on Warpath Drive. Milan Team #2 photo unavailable.

Patterson plants the seed for the Dabney Baptist Church Softball Team
David Patterson, of Patterson's Nursery, plants the seed by delivering a pitch to the plate against the Hopewell Baptist Church team during the Ohio Rod Church Summer Coed League Playoff Tournament action.

Franklin sends the pitch to the plate for the Hopewell Baptist Church Softball Team
Steve Franklin of the Hopewell Baptist Softball Team spent much of his summer evenings delivering pitches to the plate for the team. Above, Franklin begins the game on the mound during the Ohio Rod Church Summer Coed League Playoff Tournament .