New deputy marshal hired
Osgood to annex about 119 acres

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

The July Osgood Town Board meeting opened with a public hearing on the proposed annexation to the town of approximately 119 acres. Some of the property lies between Fairground Road and County Road 450 North. Also annexed will be the Thomas & Skinner, Inc. property of 6.34 acres at the end of Western Avenue. Another section is between County Road 200 West and the B&O Railroad right of way owned by Thayer Farms and the Town of Osgood. The final area is between U.S. 50 and property owned by the Town of Osgood along County Road 300 North, including Shook Street.
There are 13 single family structures in the proposed annexation with about 20 people residing in the homes. There are five commercial structures and one institutional structure. The total assessed valuation for the proposed annexation is $2,886,400.

After the annexation the town will provide municipal services for this property of police and fire protection, garbage collection, water service, gas service, storm sewers, roads and streets and administrative services to the annexed area.

Several citizens appeared to ask questions about the proposed annexation. The town’s tax rate will show up in the 2008 taxes payable in 2009. Attorney Mary Ann Gay said the next step would be to vote on the annexation at the August meeting. It will be another 60 days after that before the annexation goes into effect. Then the hearing was closed.

At the regular board meeting it was announced that Grover Powers had been hired as the new deputy marshal. Powers lives in Osgood and he and his wife, Karen, have two children Amy and Mason, who attend Jac-Cen-Del schools. His start date was July 23.

Marshal Rodney Stepleton reported there has been theft occurring during the day at local businesses. There is a local business owner who is working on getting a grant to install wireless cameras throughout the town.

Attorney Gay has been in contact with the Versailles Town Court to see if the town of Osgood would be able to use them as the town’s violations bureau.

Ordinance 2007-5 was adopted. It is an ordinance establishing penalties for lack of access to utility meters. “It is necessary for the Town of Osgood to establish a policy to encourage its utility customers to provide regular access to utility personnel to the town’s water and gas meters, either by way of enclosed fences, locked gates, shrubbery or potentially vicious animals which prevent the entry of utility personnel to the site of the meters shall be charged an additional Fifty dollars ($50) per month for each month that the utility meter is not able to be read.”

Ordinance 2007-6 was adopted. It is an ordinance establishing no parking areas along both sides of the streets on West Eckert Street, Wilson Street and Tanglewood Road that lie within the corporate boundaries of the Town of Osgood.

Travis Neal asked where the town stood on the utility cart issue. Council stated they are looking into the issue and seeing what other towns are doing also. Board member Gary Norman stated that golf carts should not be used on the streets because insurance companies will not insure them. Utility carts can be registered as well as insured. Council is looking into the possibility of issuing a permit.
In other business: The 2008 Ripley County Economic Development Inter-Local Agreement giving them 12% of the town’s EDIT tax money was signed.

Hoosier Drilling Contractors sent a note to the Council requesting a loan or whatever may be available to assist them with clean up and repair costs. This request failed due to lack of a motion.

A new computer will be purchased for the utility department at a cost of around $2,000.

Sewer Department - Tony Wood stated the report was good. He has one of his diffusers installed and two more built. They are solid stainless steel all the way through and shouldn’t have to worry about corrosion. He will begin working on the sewer extension after Labor Day.

Helen Lohrum representing the Osgood Beautification Committee was present requesting permission to install two more benches, one at St. John’s Catholic Church and the other at Buckeye Village. The two new benches will be allowed as long as the sidewalks are still handicap accessible.

Osgood Merchants - Geneen Ostendorf was granted permission to close O&M Avenue or the Brick Street for the Fall Festival. The tentative dates are for October 5,6, and 7. Fire Chief Chris Lemen requested they leave access to the library’s sprinkler system and not to block the alley.

Family Connections - Lynn Gough was present requesting funding ($1,000) from the town’s 2008 Budget. This request was tabled until after further review.

All three council members were present: Jeff Volz, Linda Krinop, and Gary Norman. Clerk-Treasurer Tammy Wilhoit and Attorney Mary Ann Gay were present to advise the board. The next meeting of the Osgood Town Council will be Tuesday, August 21 at 7:00 p.m. at the Osgood Town Hall.