Sunman marshal addresses ATV, golf cart issue

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

Marshal Bill Dramann delivered information regarding All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) at the July Sunman Town Board meeting.

“ATVs, if properly registered, are allowed to be operated on county roads if the operator has a valid driver’s license. Operation of these vehicles is prohibited on state highways, railroad right-of-ways and city streets regardless of whether the proper registration is displayed and the operator has a valid driver’s license. These city streets include all those within the city limits of Sunman. Golf carts are not permitted to be operated at any time on any street or highway in Ripley County.”

“The penalty for illegally operating a golf cart or an ATV on city streets may include a traffic citation and possible impoundment of the vehicle.” For more information on how to register your ATV, and the laws that govern their operation, contact the Sunman Police Department at 812-623-5000.

In other business, Bryan Metz was present asking for additional help with his tax abatement for 234 W. Industrial Drive. Attorney Jack Kellerman informed Metz the proper paperwork apparently had not been filed and he needed to start over. Since the abatement is for 2007 pay 2008, there is plenty of time to complete the work. At that time, it was determined there would be no conflict if Metz retained Jack Kellerman to finish the abatement.

Dick Weigle of Hannum, Wagle and Cline, presented their contract for the Town Hall remodel. Weigel also presented the contract addendum to start the right-of-way engineering for Eastern Avenue. The contract was accepted with the understanding that Hannum, Wagle and Cline cannot incur costs until notified by the Sunman Town Council. Council is still waiting on final figures for the project.

Jodi Comer, from Southeastern Indiana Regional Planning, presented council with their contract for services to administer the Block Grant for the purchase and renovation of the Sunman Town Hall and Community Center. Council will look over the documents, sign them and return them as soon as possible.

The 2007 Salary Ordinance (2006-5) Section 2, was amended to read the Town of Sunman shall pay 100% of the employee’s health plan and 80% of the family portion.

Pat Thomas from the Ripley County Board of Health presented her program on the pandemic flu. Thomas asked council if they would consider having a Sunman site for vaccine distribution. Council would like to know the level of commitment before agreeing to a location.

Council told Utility Superintendent Carl Bruns to have the well field property properly surveyed. He will get estimates on the work. Bruns reported to council he feels the extension of sewer lines to County Line Road is a real priority. He will also get estimates on that work as well.

All three town board members were present: Wayne Jenner, John Campbell and Mike Wolffe. Also present to advise the board were Attorney Jack Kellerman and Clerk-Treasurer Kris Schneider. The next regular meeting of the Sunman Town Board will be August 16 at 6:30 p.m. at the Sunman Town Hall.