The Versailles Republican Sports
August 2, 2007

'07 Ripley County 4-H Fair track events were a success

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
Events held in front of the grandstand and pits area at the Ripley County 4-H Fair were both exciting and well managed, allowing spectators to get their monies worth in entertainment each night.

Festivities began with an Antique Tractor Pull on Friday, July 20. Sponsored by the Osgood Lions Club, with sled service from Kevin Menchhofer, participants reported a grand and exciting event.

Sunday nights tractor pull, on July 22, again sponsored by the Osgood Lions Club with sled by Kevin Menchhofer, enlisted the larger farm tractors for competition. Of the many local entries pulling, the pull included Christopher Linville of Osgood on his 4520 John Deere.

The Motorcross races were held on Monday, July 23. Absolute excitement and jumps that marvelled the eye were seen as observers watched the cycles and quads in action. Various sizes and ages gave all an opportunity to find something or someone to cheer on.
Tuesday, July 23, afforded the Figure 8 enthusiast a chance to get their thrills as Terry Eaglin Motorsports led the activities. Contest chairman Terry Eaglin of Eaglin Motorsports again led the way for the demolition derby on Wednesday, July 24.

The demolition derby proved to be a rough and rugged set of drivers that endured long after one would assume they possibly could. Cheers and jeers abounded as favorites were trapped, hit, freed and smashed into another. An awesome display of battlers to the bitter end.

Not to be let down, fans were able to watch the quad and cycle flat drags on Thursday, July 26. The infield was full of bikes, quads and people as the events proceeded through the evening.

Friday, July 27, showers caused the truck drags to be cancelled, with a truck pull to take place on Saturday, July 28, as the 2007 Ripley County Fair's closing event.