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August 7, 2007

'07 Milan Indians pow wow for a black & gold debut

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
The tribe and their chiefs met at the Milan High School football field for a preview of all levels of Milan's football program athletes to kick-start their upcoming season on Friday evening, August 3.
Indian fans rallied with hopes and intentions high as they look to this year's games. Not questioning if they will have to battle, but showing support regardless of single game outcomes.
The 2007 Indian team includes six seniors: Nick Yatsko #18, Matt Richmond #60, Tanner Roark #74, and senior letter winners Brandon Davey #63, Ryan Ison #78 and Patrick Mays #88.
Junior players include: David Herron #7, Jared Ison #10, Keith Schornick #11, Jason Garner #15, Justin Day #34, Zak O'Neal #34, Andrew Perkins #44, Alex Hooker #51, Zak Smith #73 and Sherman Wingate # 81.
Sophomore players are: Cody Marsee #3, Grayson Miller #14, Travis Pennington #35, Kevon McGuire #21, Zach Turner # 24, Derek Walker #42, Justin Willis #54, Tyler Clemens #55, Nate Haugh #60, Michael Brandes #60, Nick Cunningham #72, Adam Spears #75, Ben Jackson #77 and Tyler Allen #88.
Freshman team members include: Cory Hunter #2, Chris Hunter #6, Alex Layden #12, Aaron Roth #19, Brandon McKeown #22, Cody Strunk #31, Hunter Storey #45, Cory Jewett #50, Zack Ollman #52, Matt Arkenberg #53, John Halcomb #64, Tyler Smith #65, Adam Lee #71, Brian Russell #76, Daniel Holman #85, Adam Ison #86 and DJ Rogers #87.
In all, there are 18 letter winners along with a host of 31 non-letter winners including freshmen and players just starting with the program this sesson.
The letter winners returning include: David Herron #7, Jared Ison #10, Keith Schornick #11, Zach Turner #24, Justin Day #34, Travis Pennington #35, Zak O'Neal #36, Andrew Perkins #41, Alex Hooker #51, Nate Haugh #61, Brandon Davey #63, Michael Brandes #66, Nick Cunningham #72, Zack Smith #73, Ben Jackson #77, Ryan Ison #78, Tyler Allen #88 and Patrick Mays #89.
Head football coach of the Milan Indians, Ryan Langferman, pursues his labor of love of the sport as a key motive with the desire to make the program better for not just himself, but for each team member as well
Partly because of his passion and compassion, Milan High School is the first high school in the state of Indiana to be honored by being invited to take part in the CAREacter "STAR Athlete of the Week" Program.
The five basic requirements of nominated individuals are: Attitude, Character, Grades, Community Service and Performance. The coach is the person that selects a candidate for nomination, based on the criteria mentioned.
The programs motto, "do right", emphasizes that "Student athletes don't care how much we know until they know how much we care." Care More/Complain Less.
The program was initiated by Lenoir City High School educator of 31 years and coach, Dave Moore (not presently coaching). "Performance isn't just based on how they play for two hours on Friday or Saturday night," Coach Moore has stated, "It's how they perform all week in practice, on and off the field."
The selected award winner will receive a certificate and a T-shirt depicting a star and the five points of criteria pictured interlocking in the five points of a star. Once initiated, the program will continue with boys' and girls' basketball in the winter and baseball and softball in the spring.
Prior to the addition of Milan High School, the program was available to 45 high schools in nine East Tennessee counties, along with a few schools in Kentucky and Georgia. In addition to high schools, athletes at Carson Newman College, Maryville College, UT Chatanooga and the University of Tennessee participated.
The CAREacter STAR Athlete of the Week Program is a non-profit program.

Pictured above, the Milan Indians are given a football training break to rehydrate at the water hydrant at field side. Below left, Indian seniors Tanner Roark (left) and Nick Yatsko (right) are welcomed additions to the Indian team. Both are on the Indian wrestling team and perform well. Below right, from left, Head Football Coach and Defense Coordinator Randy Combs instruct their players on the next set of plays they want run.