Osgood Journal Sports
August 14, 2007

Studer stamps "Special Delivery"
on the final '07 SIRC-IT series 5K race

Gary Franklin - Sports Editor
Kristal Studer, a student at East Central High School, has completed the 2007 SIRC-IT series 5K races to perfection. Each weekend since it's opening on July 14, while never seeming to miss a beat, she turned in first female to cross the finish line performances. Studer is a pleasure to watch and a challenge to all contenders as each event unfolds.
Could she be our area's Cecil Franke of the womens' side of running? Who knows, nor even if she is interested in taking it to that level or not. In either case, she has been making the best of a good thing thus far.
Patiently, with rhythmic movement, Studer paced herself to out run and out endure every other lady contender in the '07 five SIRC-IT series races, apparently finishing no worse for the wear.
She also claimed top spot in the Ripley County Chamber of Commerce 5K held on the Versailles Square before the SIRC-IT series began this summer.
Studer's father is an employee at the Aurora Post Office. Perhaps that's where some of her attitude about seeing the job done through good, bad or ugly comes from, as the mail must go regardless of all other possible contributing negativity or inclement weather.
Studer and her running mates at East Central are excited about the school cross country season beginning.
The final SIRC-IT event, the fifth of the race series, was held at Batesville Middle School on Saturday, August 11. The race hosted approximately 218 participants. Upon conclusion of the race, Jeremiah Vaughn captured the mens' 5K top runner spot, and Studer collected the 1st place hardware for the ladies.
The total SIRC-IT series of five collective but individual race events drew larger than expected participation each weekend. The first race was a little shaky for sponsors as to what the turnout might be but drew nearly double of the projected crowd. After that each event just seemed to grow with excitement and enthusiasm as time for the next weekends event rolled around.
Each site reported numbers greater than they had encountered in years past and new courses found positive encouragement that their races would be well attended for years to come as well.

Above, Studer heads for the finish line to claim her fourth consecutive weekend 1st place 5K run during the Knight Flight held at Aurora.
Pictured above from left are SIRC-IT series 5K runners Kristal Studer, the Bulldog mascot, and Jeremiah Vaughn. Studer and Vaughn were the 2007 5K Batesville Bulldog Chase overall 1st place finishers on Saturday, August 11. This was Vaughn's second SIRC-IT series win of the 5 race venue.
Above from left are Ron Perry of Versailles and Kristal Studer of East Central High School. They were named the All-Overall 1st place winners of the 2007 SIRC-IT (Southeast Indiana Racing Circuit) 5K race series . The dog in the middle is from Batesville. Appropriately, this race was titled The Bulldog Chase, and this was it's 7th annual event.