Park expansion plans discussed at Holton

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

At the August Holton Town Board meeting much of the business centered on the expansion of the town park. (The town purchased 2 lots next to the park). The fence will be expanded around the additional land and a second shelter house erected. Scott McNeelan was the low bidder on building the shelter house. The new nets have arrived for the basketball goals.

Work is continuing on the Noble house on the expansion property. New windows have been installed. Grass has been sown in the front and is still needed in the back. They will contact Zorns Heating about putting in a furnace.

There continues to be vandalism at the park. A pop machine has been broken and a security camera. The camera has been turned over to the sheriff with the vandals picture shown.

Toby Hunter, who painted the steam engine on a wall at a shelter house at the park is working on a mural for the town hall. It will be of the Otter Creek Bridge.

Peggy Furst reported she met with the Department of Local Finance on August 15 to go over the 2008 budget. The FHA Assessor advised the town that they need to spend down one of the bonds. They will expand the lab for the sewer so they will be able to add three more tests to do internally instead of having to send them out. The cost is $25,000.

Someone stole all the handicapped signs on Derrick Street. Anyone caught with the signs will be prosecuted.

The town is continuing with the sidewalk expansion. Currently, they are doing 240' on the south side of W. Versailles Street. The money comes from the EDIT Fund. Clean up work is being done at the Lagoon. They painted the building and buried old stumps and debris. The county has been ditching along the lagoon. O'Mara is going to chip and seal the road.

Attorney Larry Eaton advised the town to put the old sewer debt directly on the tax roles.

Peggy Furst reported the financials. There is $142,785.70 in the general fund; $80,577.06 in the sewer fund, and $61,419 in the Riverboat Fund.

All three town board members were present at the meeting: Robert Furst, Wilma Myers, and Ron Palmer. Peggy Furst and Larry Eaton were present to advise the board. The next regular meeting of the Holton Town Board will be Tuesday, September 11 at 9:00 a.m. at the Holton Town Hall.

Artist Toby Hunter of Batesville recently painted this steam engine on the wall of the Holton Town Park. Hunter is currently working on a mural of the Otter Creek Bridge at the Holton Town Hall.