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September 25, 2007

Pictured from left (1-10) place girls' race finishers are: Caitlyn Bowman - Rising Sun Lady Shiners, Amber Meli - Switzerland County Lady Pacers, Samantha White - Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles, Melanie Berry and Jenifer Patrick - South Ripley Lady Raiders, Chelsea Bowman - Rising Sun Lady Shinrs, Becca Wagner (represented by injured Lady Eagle Kelley Wagner) - Jac-Cen-Del Lady Eagles, Shelby McNeese and Courtney Lamkin - Rising Sun Lady Shiners and Jessilyn DeWitt of the South Ripley Lady Raiders.

Pictured from left (1-10) place boys' race finishers are: Clay Meyer - Switzerland County Pacers - Brenden Siekman and Andrew Pulliam - Rising Sun Shiners, Tray Meyer - Switzerland County Pacers, Ben Montgomery and (Zack Grossman, unavailable for photo of the South Ripley Raiders, Anthony Dang - South Dearborn Knights, Corey McFarland - Switzerland County Pacers, Casey Gilmer - South Dearborn Knights and Cody Grace - Rising Sun Shiners.

Raiders host Annual Great Pumpkin 5K XC
Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

The running of the South Ripley High School hosted 5KCross Country invitational was held on Thursday evening, September 20. The hot and dry for weather continued throughout the run. Clay Meyer of Switzerland County captured a first place ribbon in the boys' event with a time of 17:52. Caitlyn Bowman of Rising Sun finished the girls' event the quickest with an elapsed time of 22:37.
Five teams ran in the boys' event, finishing as follows:
1st Rising Sun 52
2nd South Dearborn 60
3rd South Ripley 60
4th Switzerland County 66
5th Jac-Cen-Del 117
Boys times of finish were:
Clay Meyer Switz.Co. 17:52
Brenden Siekman RS 18:11
Andrew Pulliam RS 18:23
Trey Meyer Switz.Co. 18:29
Ben Montgomery SR 18:47
Zack Grossman SR 18:50
Anthony Dang SD 18:51
Corey McFarland SC 18:57
Casey Gilmour SD 19:12
Cody Grace RS 19:16
Derek Lunsford JCD 19:31
Keenan Fryman SD 19:46
Nate Minks RS 19:47
Andy Miller SR 19:57
Casey Weber SD 20:04
Erik Demaree SR 20:17
Joey Flanagan SD 20:33
Darin Hester SD 20:37
Jread Walters SR 20:42
Donnie Lows JCD 20:44
Devin Shadday JCD 20:46
Zach Halcomb SR 20:58
Keegan McCabe SD 21:01
Anthony Nierich RS 21:62
Tanner Rees SC 21:28
Austin Lord JCD 21:37
Ethan Back SR 21:38
Zack O'Neal SC 21:54
Brock Shadday JCD 23:00
Kyle Bradley JCD 24:19
Bradley Burk SC 24:58
Tyler Hannah RS 25:11
Damen Robbins SC 25:29
Terry Grace RS 26:17
Five teams also ran in the girls' event. Team finishers were as follows:
1st Rising Sun 38
2nd South Ripley 64
3rd Switzerland County 72
4th Jac-Cen-Del 75
5th South Dearborn 80
Girls times of finish were:
Caitlyn Bowman RS 22:37
Amber Meli SC 22:53
Samantha White JCD 23:05
Melanie Berry SR 23:54
Jenifer Patrick SR 23:55
Chelsea Bowman RS 24:35
Becca Wagner JCD 24:56
Shelby McNeese RS 25:02
Courtney Lamkin RS 25:03
Jessilyn DeWitt SR 25:27
Cooper Fields SD 25:41
Andrea Brogan SC 26:00
Beth Abbott SC 26:07
Maggie Sauerhage RS 26:51
Hannah Martin SD 27:11
Shana Todd SC 27:34
Jessica Lantgen SD 27:46
Amy Schuerman SD 28:02
Reesy Barnes SD 28:04
Valorie Wagner JCD 28:28 Jodi Hardy JCD 28:56
Kelly Borter SR 29:12
Jordon Webster SR 29:12
Kara Harlemert JCD 29:49
Brittany DeWitt SR 30:33
Kayla Bradley JCD 31:04
Jordan Gardner SR 31:24
Candice Coemier RS 31:32
Katie Johnson SC 34:17
Reserve boys' finish:
Matt Vogen
Rodney Mathews
Spencer Braley
Dustin Toops
Eric Carpenter
Steph Sieverding
Boys' team placement:
1st South Ripley