Prescription drug card available free

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

The new discount prescription card is now available free through Ripley County. The county signed a contract to make free prescription drug discount cards available under a program sponsored by the National Association of Counties.

These cards are available at the Ripley County Auditor’s office and may be used by all county residents regardless of existing health coverage. “This card will offer a significant savings for the uninsured and the under insured residents of Ripley County, and even those fortunate to have prescription coverage may use the card to save money on drugs that are not covered by their health plan,” said County Auditor Mary Ann McCoy. You can save an average of 20% on all commonly prescribed prescriptions. You do not have to be in the Medicare program to participate.

There will be no cost to the county taxpayers for the card. There is no enrollment form, no membership fee and no restrictions or limits on frequency of use. Cardholders and their family members may use the card any time their prescriptions are not covered by insurance. More than 57,000 participating retail pharmacies will honor the card.

In other business at the Ripley County Commissioners meeting on Monday, September 24:

• A public hearing on reassessment will be held on Wednesday, October 10 at 6:00 p.m. If the state forces Ripley County to have their property reassessed for the year, it will cost the county thousands of dollars. The public is encouraged to attend the meeting.
• The new Ripley County Road Atlas has arrived. These books will replace the old county maps. They are available for $2.00 at the Ripley County Auditor’s office on the first floor of the courthouse in Versailles.
• Wayne Peace, director of emergency management, proposed a no burn proclamation because of drought conditions. Commissioners approved and it went into effect immediately.
• Attorney Neil Comer said the final bill had arrived for legal expenses against Pinnacle Entertainment to challenge the extent of reduction Belterra was giving to the county. The $38,000 cost will be prorated back to the towns in the same manner as the distribution of funds.
• Ted Spurlock, the county’s representative on the Economic Development Board, gave an update on the new industrial park located south of Versailles. The upscale business park is nearly shovel ready and has had many inquiries from businesses already.
• Auditor Mary Ann McCoy said she had many responses on the land and stripped trailer at Pierceville that was featured in the newspaper. The commissioners said they appreciated all the help from the public and will follow up.
• Jerry Ison was informed that he would have to seek his own legal counsel for a dispute regarding a fence.
• Cathy May gave a presentation to the commissioners on the Role Model Program through the high schools and sponsored by the Ripley County Tobacco Prevention and Cessation program.
• Randy Reed of AFLAC will be meeting with county employees to offer them a pre-tax benefit savings account.

All three commissioners were in attendance: Bob Reiners, Chuck Folz and Lawrence Nickell. County Attorney Neil Comer and Auditor Mary Ann McCoy were present to advise the commissioners. The next meeting of the Ripley County Commissioners will be held on Friday, October 5 at 8:00 a.m. at the Commissioner’s Room of the Ripley County Courthouse annex. The change in the regular date is due to Columbus Day being a county holiday.


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