Addictions program offers hope
Where: Hope Baptist Church, Dillsboro
When: Friday nights @7p.m.
Who: Anyone with any type of addiction

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

There are 25 million addicts, according to Reformers Unanimous Addictions Program, a fast growing faith-based program that after ten years of existence, proves a high success rate.

These staggering statistics do not surprise Tom Holt, pastor of Hope Baptist Church on US 50 near Dillsboro. After having a career in law enforcement for 33 years, where he worked with drug task enforcement agencies in Florida and served as prosecutor and police chief in Ripley County, he has seen the devastation addictions bring to families.

“God is the ultimate answer,” Holt declared, as his church launches this powerful program. “I’ve seen other programs and there’s not a lot out there that works. This is it - the word of God is quick and powerful.” Holt knows about success. He started preaching at the church when there were about a dozen people in attendance. Today, they average over 250 weekly in the morning service and have had as many as 600 for concerts. He attributes all successes to God.

If you have any kind of addiction you are welcome to join others on Friday nights at 7:00 p.m. at the Hope Baptist Church, 15593 US Hwy. 50, Dillsboro. Led by Larry Caplinger, the program reaches out to adults who are struggling with an addiction or a “stubborn habit.” There are more than 500 chapters of Reformers Unanimous across the United States with the Dillsboro chapter being the closest one within 50 miles in Indiana.

“This program works for any addiction,” noted Caplinger, who said if people are willing to yield to Christ, they can be set free from whatever it is that has a hold on them.

The free confidential program is low key and welcomes people to share or simply listen. The “come as you are” approach applies.

Caplinger explained that there are all types of addictions: debt, watching TV, eating, substance abuse, computer usage and so much more. “If you have any type of addiction, this program will work,” he noted, saying, “you’re not too good or bad for this program.”

When people hit the bottom, this program will help them. When they’re almost at the bottom, it will still help, according to the organizers. Reformers Unanimous says over 80 percent of addicts are functioning addicts. They have jobs, careers, families and homes. They are still addicts.

If your excuse for not coming to the meetings is you don’t have a ride, that’s taken care of. The church will provide transportation. Just call the chapter director Larry Caplinger at 812-655-2300, church office, 812-432-3889, or his home number at 812-432-2285. Childcare is also provided free of charge.
Being connected to a strong church is also important when going through the program. If you don’t have a home church, you are welcome at Hope Baptist, according to Holt and Caplinger. They offer ministries such as adult and children’s choir, youth and teen programs, ladies fellowship, provide nursery, soul-winning and visitation programs.

Those attending the Reformers Unanimous have a special place on Sunday mornings at Hope Baptist. They are invited to attend a Sunday School class that will enhance the program they learn about on Friday nights. Sunday School starts at 10:00 a.m., followed by Morning Worship at 11:00 a.m. and the evening service begins at 7:00 p.m.

The addiction program works with founder and National Director Steve Curington being living proof. While he was brought up in the church, he says he still became addicted to cocaine and alcohol. “Addiction robbed me of all self-esteem and a prosperous career, and crippled me with debt.”

Curington goes on to tell his testimony, “However, at the age of 28, I nearly died in a drunken driving accident. With a punctured lung quickly drowning me in my own blood, I cried out to God.” God changed his life and the foundation was laid for the program that is continuing to change lives across the nation. Today the founder has a beautiful family, a debt-free lifestyle, a career that sees him in an executive position in a petroleum industry, and the founder of Reformers Unanimous. “God has done all of this. The best I could do for myself was a life crippled in addiction, debt, and misery.”

If you have a similar story and want a way out, try the program. You don’t have to pre-register, just show up at one of the Friday night meetings where you’ll be welcomed.