Osgood Journal Sports
October 16, 2007

Coach Huling's coaching career closes with '07 Jr-High XC season finale

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

Jac-Cen-Del youth have for many years been under the direction of educator David Huling.

Huling began coaching 28 years ago at JCD where he led both jr-high cross country and track teams. For the last 18 years consecutively he has led the JCD jr-high cross country teams.

Proudly he displays amazing records of his young runners achievements, of which include six girls ORVC conference team championships and 9 female ORVC individual champions.

He has also coached four boys' ORVC conference teams to championship status and has led eight male ORVC individual champions to the top.

A soon to be missed figure on the Eagle running circuit, that has given much for his kids. "All of them".

Thank you for your leadership Coach Huling.

Coach Huling seeks results of his team one last time as the coach. His first daughter of a pre-coached student was Heather Rork, the daughter of Paul and Theresa Wagner Rork.

Indian, Eagle and Raider ladies ORVC Cross Country top ten qualifiers
Pictured from left are; Milan freshman Katie Dickey (9th @ 23:04), Jac-Cen-Del sophomore Samantha White (3rd @ 22:15), South Ripley sophomore Jenifer Patrick (7th @ 22:47), South Ripley junior Melanie Berry (6th @ 22:44) and South Ripley junior Jessilyn DeWitt (10th @ 23:12).

'07 Top ten ORVC Boys' XC qualifiers from SR, JCD& Milan are named
Pictured from left are: Raider freshman Zack Grossman (7th), Eagle freshman Derek Lunsford (8th), Indian senior Josh Dickey (3rd) and Raider junior Ben Montgomery.