Citizens complain about pit bulls at Versailles Town Board meeting

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

Several women from Harvest Ridge Subdivision again attended the Versailles Town Board meeting regarding a pit bull in their neighborhood. Spokesperson Hope Asche presented a list of names on a petition to ban pit bulls from Versailles. “We want something done, period,” said Asche. Officer Joe Mann had researched ordinances written about pit bulls and prepared one for the board. After the board has a chance to review the ordinance, it will be brought up again at next month’s meeting.

Ripley County Commissioner Chuck Folz attended the meeting to discuss the sports complex. A letter was read from Jerry Gilpin, president of the sports complex committee stating the sports complex will be put on hold until after the fall election stating, “A decision was made by the sports complex board to wait until after the town election to proceed. This is due to the fact that we don’t want to have to do this twice, once with the current board members, and then again if the board changes. Also aerial photos of the property can’t be done until the crops are in. All parties have been notified.”

Commissioner Folz stated, “All three commissioners support this project.” Meisberger replied, “We all support the project too. We just feel there is 50 acres of land the town already owns that could be used without costing the town another $200,000.” When asked if the sports complex is in his district, Folz replied, “It doesn’t matter what district it’s in. I’m a commissioner of all of Ripley County.”

Marshal Joe Mann asked that the reserve deputy policy be reinstated. He would like to have three or four reserve officers that would work a minimum of 16 hours a month. They would pay for their own uniforms and purchase their own firearms. Mann’s monthly report for September showed 210 activities.
A letter from Mary Ann Gay, the Osgood town attorney, requested that the Versailles Town Court serve as Osgood’s administrative hearing officer for enforcement of Osgood’s ordinances.

The letter states “The ordinances that the Town [Osgood] needs help in enforcing are its junk, unsafe buildings, grass and weeds, and various utility ordinances.” Neither Town Judge Cheryl Richmond nor the Versailles board had any objections and will sign an Inter Local Agreement on the matter.

Superintendent Kevin Hensley reported the intake valves have been repaired. The new chipper purchased with funds from the Tyson Fund was on display in front of the town hall. The lake is down about 3 feet but the water quality is still good. They just have to add more chemicals.

Roy Holman said he would be willing to pay half on a bill for $6,700 that had been in dispute. He asked to meet privately with the town board. However, Attorney Larry Eaton said Holman would have to come to a public meeting. Executive sessions can only be held for litigation, strategy and personnel.
Another complaint had come into the town from someone who had a note put on his car, telling him he could not park in front of the Yellow Dog Restaurant. Attorney Eaton said it is a public street and anyone can park there.

All three town board members were in attendance: Sue Meisberger, Jim Taul and John Holzer. Attorney Larry Eaton and Clerk-Treasurer Ted Spurlock were present to advise the board. The next regular meeting of the Versailles Town Board will be November 8 at 7:00 p.m. at the Versailles Town Hall.