Versailles family warns neighbors with a huge sign

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

In a neighborhood that seemed perfect to raise children, there is only one sign, literally, that all might not be as idealistic as originally thought.

The Ratliffs - Chad and Faith - erected a 6’x8' sign on their property south of Rexville (1050S off US 421) alerting the neighborhood that a convicted sex offender is moving in.

Knowing it’s not against the law for offender Evertt Scholl to move next door, and the knowledge that the sheriff says Scholl makes his weekly appointments with his parole officer, does not give the Ratliff’s much consolation.

Public records reveal that Scholl, 61, has served time for two counts of Incest and two counts of Rape on a conviction out of Madison County, Indiana. He served four years with his parole ending in April of 2008. He is required to register as a sex offender until 2013.

The Ratliffs have four daughters ranging in age from nine to 15. “It scares me,” Chad told The Versailles Republican, “because I’m a truck driver and gone two to three days at a time. I can’t be here to protect them.”

Faith said the girls are afraid now and won’t sleep alone in their new home. The Ratliff’s will be in their new home a year this month after fire destroyed their other one. “They all pile in one room and make me sleep with them when Chad’s on the road,” Faith noted. She says the girls won’t even walk to the bus stop alone. “It shouldn’t be like’s just not fair.”

When the Ratliff family was reminded that sex offenders have to live somewhere, Faith replied, “Not 100 feet from my daughter’s bedroom window.”

The Ratliff’s met their to-be neighbors and ironically the Scholls did not disclose what Faith says is the most important information about themselves. The Ratliffs were tipped off about Scholl’s record from a concerned friend. They immediately began checking websites and making phone calls to confirm their worst fears.

Pat Redwine, a neighbor of the Ratliff’s, said she originally owned the property where the Scholl’s home is being installed. She sold it to another individual, who in turn sold it to the Scholls. “I hate it,” she told The Versailles Republican saying, “everybody around here has children.” The neighborhood around the Ratliff’s home reflects the presence of children - a swimming pool, swing set, trampoline, playhouse, horses, animals and basketball goal.

Feeling they have no recourse except to alert others and keep a close eye on their daughters, the Ratliffs got busy and made the huge sign to let everyone know. Neighbors say the road has “had more cars on it than ever before,” with people driving by to see the sign.

The Ratliffs say the reason behind putting the sign up is as simple as this, “We’re trying to keep our kids safe.” They say they have no malicious intent toward their intended neighbors - they don’t even know them.

As for the children, Erika, who is the oldest, told The Versailles Republican she’s afraid she won’t be able to have her friends over. “Who will let their kids come here when they know who lives next door?” Faith said they have a swimming pool and the girls had a great summer with lots of friends over. “One time we had about 60 out here,” she laughed. Her laughter was short lived as the realization sank in that things might be different next summer for her family.

“We shouldn’t have to be this afraid,” Faith noted.

The Ratliffs live on property that belonged to Faith’s parents, Melvin and Gladys Burton. The Burtons still live close and are very concerned about their granddaughters.

Right now the way Indiana law reads, about the only thing a person can do is become knowledgeable about where sex offenders live. You can do this by accessing the website:, then click on the sheriff’s website, then check on the sex offender list.

“What if we didn’t know and I sent one of the girls over to check on the new neighbors in the wintertime?” Faith cringed. “It’s all so unnerving.”

Fox 19 news and The Versailles Republican made a personal visit to the home of Scholl’s on County Road 700S for his comment on the situation. No one answered the door. When Channel 5’s news crew knocked on their door, a woman answered and told them, “they have their rights and we have ours.” She then instructed the news crew to leave their property.

Pictured above from left are: Corey McConnell, Fox 19 news, Pat Redwine, Melvin and Gladys Burton, Erika Ratliff, her parents, Faith and Chad Ratliff, and seated, Jason Richardson. They gathered at the Ratliff home on Tuesday to express their fears about having a new neighbor, one that has been convicted of a sex crime. The Ratliffs placed a sign, bottom photo, at the edge of their property pointing to the home of Evertt Scholl, who has served time on rape and incest charges.