The Versailles Republican Sports
October 18, 2007

Senior night, a positive one, for Milan Indian football

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

Never truly knowing what the outcome will end up being at any sports event before the final horn sounds, keeps fans returning to witness it. So has been the case of the Milan football teams' season as they compete week after week.
They have had positives as well as negatives, but continue to build off mistakes in hopes of reaching their potential by season's end, ready for sectional action.
Friday night, October 5, became a pleasant memory. It not only provided a win for the team, but a lasting memory for many who would parade before the stands as seniors to be honored by the Milan faithful.
The tribe's effort though the final score would not show the true overpowering nature of the Indians game, left positive aspirations for the coming sectionals.
Scores for the season and teams played by the varsity were as follows; Milan 13-14 vs Northeastern, Milan 0-20 vs Batesville, Milan 11-20 vs Lawrenceburg, Milan 15-21 vs Park Tudor, Milan 28-15 vs North Decatur, Milan 13-21 vs Indian Creek in the RCA Dome, Milan 7-31 vs South Decatur, Milan 47-14 vs Edinburgh for senior night and Milan 6-26 vs Triton Central.
The final game had highlights as did all Indian games of which was a 6-13 score at the halftime break. Unable to score from the one yard line at one juncture in the game, the Indians continued to work hard.
The never say "give" attitude of the Indians will make their first round of sectional play at home on Friday night at 7 PM against the Indianapolis Scecina Crusaders an interesting contest.
The Indian JV squads season played out as follows; Milan 0-26 vs Lawrenceburg, Milan 0-38 vs Batesville, Milan 0-35 vs East Central, Milan 0-48 vs Triton Central, Milan 19-26 vs North Decatur, Milan 14-34 vs South Decatur and the season finale was Milan 7-41 vs Bedford North Lawrence.
The list of 33 Milan seniors honored before the game and the fall sport they represented in 2007 included;
Tennis players
Brian Marksberry
Tyler Kirk
Jeff Werner
Joey Houseworth
Josh Baker
Cross Country runners
Josh Dickey
Andrew Dixon
Deborah Fryer
Football players
Brandon Davey
Ryan Ison
Patrick Mays
Nick Yatsko
Tanner Roark
Deborah Fryer
Abby Bergman
Kady Alloway
Kirby Alloway
Lindsay Roell
Kim Atwell
Jennifer Wullenweber
Volleyball players
Kady Alloway
Kirby Alloway
Kim Atwell
Kaity Barton
Abby Bergman
Danessa Cutter
Miccah Roberts
Jennifer Wullenweber
Soccer players
John Burgan
Josh Dickey
Craig McKittrick
Aaron Gutzwiller
Todd Edwards
Tyler Reese
Janin Hesch
Jasmine Vetma-Hollins
Football Team Managers
Courtney Crabtree
Courtney Myers
Emily Schmaltz
Courtney Swigart
Girls Golf
Carissa Mulroy

The Milan Indians mounted up the yardage and added points to points in their senior night football game against the Edinburgh Lancers. Above, Milan Indian Travis Pennington (31), adds to his collection of yards gained for the tribe and puts his second touch down of the evening on the scoreboard. The Indians defeated the Lancers 45-14 by games end.

Young Indians first to claim undefeated football season in school's history
Gary Franklin, Sports Writer
The Milan Indians began their pursuit of middle school football in 1963. Since its inception they have not had a 7th grade team undefeated for a full season, that was until this year.
Six games played, six games won and by controlling margins. Season games and scores were; Milan 14-0 vs Greendale, Milan 44-24 vs Park Tudor, Milan 12-0 vs Batesville, Milan 16-0 vs East Central, Milan 22-12 vs South Dearborn, and the final Milan 20-16 over the North Decatur Chargers. Union County nor South Decatur had a 7th grade team.
The 8th grade Indians went 5/3 on the season with games and scores as follows; Milan 6-8 vs Greendale, Milan 12-6 vs Park Tudor, Milan 12-6 vs South Decatur, Milan 28-14 vs Union County, Milan 20-28 vs Batesville, Milan 12-0 vs East Central, Milan 6-20 vs South Dearborn and Milan 24-0 vs North Decatur for the season finale.

Scott Pennington, Milan Indian quarterback races past defenders to score the TD in their season finale against the North Decatur Chargers, before the home crowd.