Pit bull issue continues in Versailles

Cathy May - Contributing Writer

An emotional Jason Conert pled his case for his beloved pets that are pit bulls at the November 8 Versailles Town Board meeting. “I’m a responsible owner,” said Conert, “I’m just trying to save my dogs.”

Conert brought in a three-page petition of names to keep pit bulls from being banned in Versailles. But, Karen Bastin, who was one of the people who asked for the ban on pit bulls in the first place, said, “I’m not going to live in fear.” She did say, “I can live with the current ordinance (on vicious dogs) as long as it is enforced, but, I don’t want to wait until someone is bitten.” The Versailles Town Board said they would continue to study the matter.

Thomas Spear with WTH Technology, Inc., was at the meeting regarding a global imaging system for the town. WTH is currently the provider for the county system. The total cost for the system would be about $13,500 which includes a personal service contract. There is a $1,500 yearly maintenance fee. The board voted to get the system and apply for a grant from the Rising Sun Regional Foundation to pay for it.

Clerk-Treasurer Ted Spurlock introduced Kiersten Libby who will take over as the Versailles Clerk-Treasurer at the first of the year. Spurlock will be retiring at that time. He also announced that his assistant Jennifer Rolf will also be retiring at the end of the year.

Versailles is prominently featured in the publication Water & Wastes Digest. The article, entitled, “Going Multi-Barrier” under the series heading PROBLEMSOLVER, tells how by combining two-stage clarification media filtration and UV disinfection, Versailles improved treatment plant performance.

The three page article goes on to explain the technical process and quotes Superintendent Kevin Hensley as saying, “The plant runs like a champ. The water goes in murky and comes out completely clear.”

All three town board members were in attendance: Sue Meisberger, Jim Taul and John Holzer. Attorney Larry Eaton and Clerk-Treasurer Ted Spurlock were present to advise the board. The next regular meeting of the Versailles Town Board will be Thursday, December 13 at 7:00 p.m. at the Versailles Town Hall.