Osgood Journal Sports
November 27, 2007

'07-'08 JCD Eagles defend "Pride Trophy" possession in season opener

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

Rival Raiders and Eagles opened their season in proper fashion with the Annual Turkey Shootout, hosted this year by JCD on Tuesday, November 20.
As possesser of the Ripley Publishing Company Inc. 'Pride Trophy' at the end of the 2006-2007 season, it was up for grabs during this first contest. between the two teams.
The Eagles captured the varsity game, 59-40, by games end.
Both teams will no doubt hone their skills by the time they next meet each other. Meeting early takes some of the edge off their season in one respect, while adding drama to the big picture as they develop through seasons close.
At this juncture, the Eagles have the upper hand. What transpires in future meetings will be fun to watch.
In Ripley County, these two school teams hold much interest, and there is no reason this season should be any less entertaining.
Good luck Eagles and Raiders!
Game scoring
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 59

Tim Arnett 16
Matt Gehl 15
Blake Sutton 15
Kellen Stolze 5
Gerald Hardesty 4
Brandon Gehl 4
Non-scoring Eagles were; Aaron Harmeyer, Ethan Harmeyer, Eric Horan, Shane Adams and Ryan Schuler.
South Ripley Raiders 40
BJ Sieverding 11
Trent Tucker 11
Erik Demaree 7
Thomas Welch 5
Kyle Patrick 4
Chris Miller 2
Non-scoring Raiders were; Jared Keck, Andy Miller, Chase Grider, Bryan Thomas and Jordan Bodenberg.
Varsity score by quarter
1st JCD 17- 9 SR
2nd JCD 32-20 SR
3rd JCD 47-33 SR
Final JCD 59-40 SR
Reserve final score
Jac-Cen-Del Eagles 35
South Ripley Raiders 23

Raider center, Trent Tucker, shoots over the Eagles to pull his team to within six points near the halftime break, 26-20. The Eagles quickly added three baskets to lead by 12 at halftime, 32-20.


South Ripley Raider cheerleaders and cheer section unite to support their basketball team's efforts against the Jac-Cen-Del Eagles on the season's opening night, Tuesday, November 20. United and dressed in their 'bleacher creature' tee's, the crowd was ready for the tip off and '07-'08 basketball action to begin.


Eagle cheerleaders lead their pep club in a little 'Lean to the left - Lean to the right' during their season opening battle against the rival South Ripley Raiders on Tuesday, November 20, at home in the JCDHS gym. The final score of the varsity game found the Eagles victorious 59-40. Making it a double win, the reserve team won also, by a score of 35-23 over South Ripley.