Osgood Journal Sports
December 4, 2007

Lady Indians break waves to beat Rushville

Gary Franklin, Sports Editor

Milan Lady Indian swimmers swam their way to victory in competition against the Rushville High School Team by a final score of 84-66 on Monday, November 26. The Indian boys came up short, losing by a score of 108-32.
Event one of the meet was the Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay. The winning team from Milan included Elizabeth Smith, Danielle Schaefer, Chelsea Lee, and Shelby Zornes. The Lady Indians won the relay in a time of 2:13.53.
The Milan boys team of Alex Hooker, Nicholas Dixon, Justin Day and Tyler Mills finished second in the Boys 200 Yard Medley Relay, with a time of 2:20.62.
Jasmine Hollins of the Lady Indians captured first place in the Girls 200 Yard Free, finishing in 2:33.34. Her lap times were; 34.14, 1:12.73, 1:53.43 and 2:33.34
The Girls 200 Yard IM event was swam to a second place finish by Lady Indian Danielle Schaefer at 2:45.83. Her break times were; 34.55, 1:18.38, 2:05.36 and 2:45.83.
Nicholas Dixon swam the Boys 200 Yard IM for the Indians, finishing third in a time of 3:21.21. Break point times were; :45.29, 1:35.25, 2:30.07 and 3:21.21.
Lady Indian freshman Elizabeth Smith set a new school record for the Girls 50 Yard Free. Smith's time was :26.41. That's like sailing! Good job. In comparison, the fastest Rushville boys' time in the meet for the 50 Yard Free was :28.09.
Justin Day swam for the Indian boys team, finishing third in the 50 Yard Free with a time of :38.57.
Lady Indian Shelby Zornes smoked her opponent in the 100 Yard Fly at 1:11.11.91 to Rushville's finish of 1:34.21.
Lady Indian swimmers captured the top three spots among the six entries in the Girls 100 Yard Free. Chelsea Lee was first at 1:12.68, Kaleigh Gardner second - at 1:13.65 and Emily Jones third - at 1:19.97.
Milan boys swam for a first and third place in the Boys 100 Yard Free. Tyler Mills claimed top spot in 1:00.13 and teammate Alex Hooker's third place time was 1:07.05.
Lady Indian Shelby Zornes once again dominated the 500 Yard Free. Zornes stroked her way to a finishing time of 6:33.56, defeating her closest competitor's time of 7:54.18 by a minute: twenty seconds and twenty-two hundreths of a second. She merely glides through the water. The third place finish by the Rushville swimmers time was 8:13.88
Milan's Lady Indian team of Emily Jones, Alex Poole, Jasmine Hollins and Chelsea Lee put together a second place finish in the Girls 200 Yard Free Relay. Their time was 2:22.61 collectively.
Lady Indian swimmers went first, second and fifth in the Girls 100 Yard Back event, Elizabeth Smith and Jasmine Hollins managed to capture spots one and two with temamte Alex Poole taking fifth. Their times were; 1:07.53, 1:25.90 and 2:10.94..
Tyler Mills and Nicholas Dixon swam for a first and third place finish in the Boys 100 Yard Back event. Mills time was 1:10.64 and Dixon's was 1:27.97.
Lady Indian swimmers took second, fourth and fifth place in the Girls 100 Breast event. Danielle Schaefer was second at 1:25.55, Maria Thompson - fourth at 1:51.43 and Emily Jones fifth at 2:08.72.
The Lady Indians team of Shelby Zornes, Danielle Schaefer, Kaleigh Gardner and Elizabeth parted the waters for a first place finish in the Girls 400 Yard Free Relay, finishing in 1:22.51.
Milan boys team of Alex Hooker, Nicholas Dixon, Justin Day and Tyler Mills finished the Boys 400 Yard Free Relay in second place with a time of 1:58.75.
The Lady Indian margin of victory was 18 points as they won, 84-66, while the Rushville boys won 108-32 after the final tally.

Milan Lady Indian swimmer Danielle Schaefer completes her leg of the Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay event on a positive note, greeted by teammates, coach and family. The team also included Elizabeth Smith, Shelby Zornes and Chelsea Lee in their first place victory over Rushville with a swim time of 2:13.53.


Lady Indian junior, Chelsea Lee, of the Milan High School Girls Swim Team, captured first place in the Girls 100 Yard Free event with a time of 1:12.68. Teammates Kaleigh Gardner and Emily Jones took the second and third spots of the six girls competing.


All smiles, "Leaving the pool area steam'n", Lady Indian Shelby Zornes strokes the Girls 100 Yard Fly in a time of 1:11.91. The second place swimmers time was 1:34.21.


A pleasant smile from the new Milan school record holder in the Girls 50 Yard Free. Smith conquered the 50 yards in a time of :26.41 in their hosted meet against Rushville on Monday, November 26.