Versailles Town Board says current ordinances will suffice

Cathy May, Contributing Writer

The pit bull issue in Versailles has been laid to rest. When Karen Bastin asked the Versailles Town Board at its last regular meeting of the year on December 13 what the town was going to do about pit bulls, they decided the current ordinances were sufficient to handle the situation. They didn't feel it was necessary to single out pit bulls, because the ordiances on the books already dealt with how to handle vicious dog complaints.

Clerk-Treasurer Ted Spurlock mentioned there are two grant applications on the table for the Rising Sun Regional Foundation and they need to be prioritized. Jim Taul and Sue Meisberger agreed the grant for the police car cameras was a more immediate concern than the sports complex. John Holzer thought the sports complex should be the first priority.

There is still an issue with parking on Chad Drive. Attorney Larry Eaton stated that it is possible to ban all parking on both sides of the street. Council will review the situation.

Marshal Joe Mann reported the police activity for the month of November. An ordinance to regulate the speed and traffic control devices was approved. This ordinance makes the speed limit on all public streets and alleys 20 miles per hour unless otherwise posted. It also lists penalties up to $300.
The Deputy Resolution was passed. This will allow the town to hire up to 10 deputies who will serve without pay. Marshal Mann also presented information on security cameras for the water plant. Council approved the $6,000 purchase. A new computer at a cost of $1,039 and workstation for $900 was approved for the police department.

Superintendent Kevin Hensley reported that work at the pump house was almost complete. The cost to repair the damaged fire hydrant was $2,500. Also, Hensley said a manhole is needed on Tanglewood Road for cleaning the sewer lines. Council approved $4,500 for the purchase of a used sewer tank.
Lee Bishop was in attendance to address an issue with sidewalk billing. Attorney Larry Eaton explained the statute regarding landowners, and liabilities associated with their property. Bishop also mentioned drainage problems on his property because of the sidewalk and a concrete cistern cap that was damaged by a water main break.

Council approved the current percentage of Riverboat revenue sharing: police 10%, park department 7%, truck fund 10%, trash fund 0%, water fund 30%, sewer fund 5%, and other 38%.

The town will take over maintenance of the streets in Harvest Ridge Subdivision Phase I, II, and III. A final notice is to be sent to anyone who has not paid for their sidewalks yet.

All three town board members were in attendance: Sue Meisberger, Jim Taul and John Holzer. Attorney Larry Eaton and Clerk-Treasurer Ted Spurlock were present to advise the board. Newly elected Clerk-Treasurer Kiersten Libby was also present.

The next regular meeting of the Versailles Town Board will be Thursday, January 10 at 7:00 p.m. at the Versailles Town Hall.