The Versailles Republican Sports
February 12, 2009

Lady Indians claim last regular season game win over Shawe Lady Hilltoppers

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

Behind Coach Jeff Stutler, the Milan Lady Indians hosted their last scheduled regular season home basketball game on Monday night, February 9, against the Shawe Memorial Lady Hilltoppers.
The evening's opener proved to be a victory for the Lady Indian JV as they outscored the Lady Toppers 33-20. In the night's varsity match, the Lady Indians held fast to claim a 71-59 victory by game's end.
Varsity Game
Quarter One
Topper junior, Rachel Muessel, scored a FG to put the Lady Toppers on the scoreboard first. Senior Lady Indian Becca Haugh put the tribe's first points on the board at the free throw line to tie the game at two. Shawe senior and all time school scoring leader Ebony Inskeep added to her tally with a FG to regain the lead. Senior Lady Indian Kayla Stutler put in a FG for the tie at four. Topper Muessel converted the old fashioned three point play with a FG and the following FT . Lady Indian Jessica Wessler nailed her two FT offerings to trail by one at 6-7 near the five and a half minute mark of the first period.
Topper Inskeep and Lady Indian senior Montana Winters traded FG scores. Lady Indian Wessler added a pair of FT shots to put the tribe up by a score of 9-8, leading to senior teammate Kelly Stutler's first three point basket of eight she would score during the balance of the game. Senior Lady Topper Kelsi Ward scored her first FG of the game followed by teammate Hana Roberts FG to tie the game at 13.
Lady Indian Kayla Stutler made one of two offerings at the charity stripe, Lady Topper Muessel's FG regained the lead for Shawe, but only shortly as Lady Indian Kelly Stutler rang the bell with two more threes, ending the period with Milan up by five at 20-15.
Second Quarter
The Lady Indians ran their lead to 12 points near the half way mark of the second quarter at 32-22, edging up to a 13 point margin of 39-26 at the half time break.
Third Quarter
As the third period unfolded, the Lady Toppers cut into the Lady Indian lead, reducing their deficit to nine points at 45-54.
Fourth Quarter
Lady Hilltopper Rachel Muessel opened the final quarter with a FG, Lady Indian Kelly Stutler drilled a three pointer, matched by Topper Muessel with a three of her own. Making of a Muessel FT led to another Lady Indian Kelly Stutler long range three, but Lady Topper Hana Roberts matched the Stutler three.
Senior Lady Indian Rebecca Haugh scored a FG only to find it matched by a pair of FT 's made by Lady Topper Ward. Lady Indian Brittany Lewis scored her two FT offerings, leading to another Kelly Stutler trey.
Topper Muessel drained the three from long range, but Lady Indian Kelly Stutler answered with a FG. Lady Indian Jessica Wessler put the final touch on the game with a FG to take the final score to a 12 point win with the Milan Lady Indians 71-59 over the Shawe Lady Hilltoppers.
Varsity Score by Quarter
Milan 20-15 Shawe
Milan 39-26 Shawe
Milan 54-45 Shawe
Milan 71-59 Shawe
Milan Lady Indians 71
Jessica Wessler 21
Kelly Stutler 30
Kayla Stutler 3
Becca Haugh 10
Arielle Noel 3
Montana Winters 2
Brittany Lewis 2
Non-scoring Lady Indians: Ciera Ison, Elaina Voss, Stephanie Kirk and Shaina Reed.
Shawe Lady Hilltoppers 59
Ebony Inskeep 13
Rachel Muessel 22
Kelsi Ward 10
Hana Roberts 6
Katherine Bear 6
Kaylee Mingione 2
Non-scoring Lady Toppers: Jennifer Morris.
JV Quarter Scores
Milan 4-4 Shawe
Milan 15-6 Shawe
Milan 26-14 Shawe
Milan 33-20 Shawe
Milan Lady Indian JV 33
Ciera Ison 11
Stephanie Kirk 9
Shaina Reed 5
Elaina Voss 2
Katelyn Holton 2
Chelsey Ross 2
Katarina Bauer 2
Non-scoring Milan JV: Tatijana Marsee and Brittany Billingsley..

09 SR Lady Raider extended season hopes are "officially curtailed"

Gary Franklin, Sports Writer

The South Ripley Lady Raiders, behind first year Head Coach Brian Samples, found themselves slated in the opening game of the Class 2A Sectional #44 held at Milan HS on Tuesday, February 10 against the North Decatur Lady Chargers .
Much water had flowed under the bridge since the 19 point Lady Raider loss earlier in the season to the Lady Chargers, as the fourth of five straight to begin their season. Lady Raiders had turned things around to enter the sectional contest with a 9-9 record. The Lady Chargers entered the match at 13-7 for the season and were the highly favored team by most accounts, but what counts most is the final score on game night and the past was merely the past to the Lady Raiders.
This night they would hit the floor with anticipation of moving forward. In reviewing the game after being played, one could pick out multiple encounters throughout the contest when, if this or that had happened or been called differently, a totally different result would be reported today.
The bang-a-lang bout with bodies bouncing and flying across the floor throughout the game favored the Lady Chargers as they were only whistled for 14 fouls the entire game to SR's 24, accounting largely in the game's final score of 48-45 favoring ND.
A desperation deep range three pointer by Lady Raider Lakin Davis became just a near miss as the final horn sounded. Under intense defensive pressure, Davis had made the same shot only seconds earlier to keep SR's hopes alive.
So. Ripley Lady Raiders 45
Jordan Vinup 2
Erica Ester 13
Whitney Walker 14
Laakin Davis 7
Sarah Webster 4
Jessica Foster 4
Kasey King 1
Non-scoring Lady Raiders: Rachel Mathes, Kyla Sexton, Kaitlyn Welch, Meagan Hensley and Rebecca Bodenberg.
No. Dec. Lady Chargers 48
Jill Hammersmith 12
Katie Gahimer 13
Sarah Wallpe 8
Hayley Hayden 7
Hannah Gauck 6
Heather Hayden 2
Non-scoring Lady Chargers: Ann Schwering, Mindy Koors, Amelia Daeger, Kelly Schwering, Katie Closser and Blair Land.
Quarter Scores
ND 13-10 SR
ND 25-22 SR
ND 33-30 SR
ND 48-45 SR