Herbert brothers 'crash' the town

Beth Rumsey, Staff Writer

“This is a wonderful example of how Batesville residents pull together and make things happen,” said Batesville Mayor Richard Fledderman, at the Herbert Brothers Appreciation Day event on Thursday, February 12. The event was held to honor brothers Joe and Dave Herbert for the accomplishment of winning the Doritos sponsored “Crash the Super Bowl” competition as well as placing number one in the USA Today’s ad meter poll, ousting Anheiser-Busch after holding the number one spot for ten years.

The commercial featured an office worker with a snow globe that answers the question, “Will there be free Doritos at the office today?” Titled “Free Doritos”, the commercial was filmed on location at the Batesville YMCA and featured actors from the tri-state area. “They are some of the most talented people in Southeast Indiana,” said Joe Herbert.

School children lined the streets waving the Indiana State Flag, as well as make-shift flags from empty Doritos bags. Arriving to the shouts of Free Doritos! The Herbert families and the cast were greeted by Mayor Fledderman and Batesville School Corporation Superintendent Dr. Jim Roberts. “You didn’t have to do this,” said Joe about the parade. “We are blessed to be from this area. It’s pretty overwhelming and humbling.”

The mayor then presented the brothers with keys to the city as well as the proclamation of the day in their honor. Indiana Governor representative Stephanie Genrich, director of state advertising and marketing, presented the Herberts with the Distinguished Hoosier Award. Genrich noted that the Herberts have achieved what few on Madison Avenue achieve, bragging rights to the best Super Bowl commercial.

The brothers had the opportunity to thank their families and the community for their support during the project. “Thanks to everyone who supported us and voted for our commercial,” said Joe.
“All we wanted to do was make a funny commercial,” said Dave. “Doritos gives the opportunity for the little guys like us to do great things.”

“We didn’t expect to win,” said Joe. “We were so excited when we saw it air, we didn’t finish watching the Super Bowl!”

The Herberts are not letting the grass grow beneath their feet. The brothers left on February 13 to unveil Triviathon, a trivia-style board game they created. According to Joe, they have written a script they hope to sell.

“The timing couldn’t be more perfect for us,” said Joe. He also noted that they do not have any plans to leave the area.

“We couldn’t be more proud of them,” said Mayor Fledderman. “This brings pride and attention to two great local guys.”

“The children here inspire us,” said Dave. He urged them to “grow old, but don’t grow up.”

ABOVE: The City of Batesville declared February 12 as "Herbert Brothers Appreciation Day." As part of the ceremony held on the steps of the Batesville Town Hall, Joe and Dave received the keys to the city as well as the Distinguished Hoosier Award. Pictured with the Herbert brothers (center) are their families, and the cast of the winning Free Doritos commercial, along with other officials. RIGHT: Doritos Director of Marketing, Rudy Wilson, presented a check for $1M to the Herberts.