Grease causing problems at Sunman

Wanda English Burnett, Editor

Grease build up in sewage filters is a concern for town employees at Sunman.

Dan Eckstein, who is over water operations, has been in touch with a company on how to rectify the problem. “We don’t have enough information to go ahead and repair or to make a decision,” he told the council members at their regular meeting held March 19.

Eckstein explained that when household grease is not disposed of properly, it solidifies and builds up in the sewer lines. This creates blockages that “can plug up a whole sewer line,” he said.
Clerk Treasurer Kris Schneider will put a notice on water bills to remind people to not pour kitchen grease down the drain.

Rick Johnson and Rob Ridenour introduced themselves to the council as the new owners of the Westvue Trailer Park. They own another trailer park in Osgood and say their track record is good on cleaning up these parks.

Council member John Campbell encouraged them to inspect the water lines. He said there were many broken lines that have never been taken care of. He noted he would be “glad to get it (the trailer park) cleaned up.”

In other business:

• John Campbell and Kris Schneider will meet with Ludwig Electric on March 25 for an estimate on electric usage at the town’s park.

• Hannum, Wagel, and Cline, along with Heidt Construction will meet March 31 to discuss roof plans for the town hall.

• The council is looking into an ordinance to ban the use of store-fronts for apartments. They would also ban using commercial buildings as residences.

• April 23 was the date set for a public meeting with Eastern Avenue residents to discuss easements.

• Marshal Bill Dramann submitted his report for the previous month. Among his duties it included: 36 traffic stops, 5 citations, 5 ATV stops, 19 agencies assisted, 5 investigations, 5 citizen complaints, 2 domestic disputes, 2 fight calls, 5 charges filed, 3 criminal arrests, 6 civil process, 4 meetings attended, 6 assists with lockouts, 2 accidents investigated, and training programs attended. Reserve officers for Sunman are David Bruns and Brian Maynard.

Marshal Bill Dramann thanked the Ripley County Community Foundation for a $3200 grant. This enabled the police department to purchase three fingerprint kits, and two lock out kits, as well as two moving radar instruments.

Dramann was very appreciative to the foundation saying he had already used the lock out device since its recent purchase.

Some people may think of a lock out device as a frivolous item. They may see someone being locked out of their vehicle as just an inconvenience. That’s not always the case, according to the marshal, who has had to unlock cars with babies and small children inside. “They were too young to know how to unlock the doors, creating a dangerous situation for them,” he noted.

“We appreciate the foundation granting the town this money. It all makes for better quality of life for the residents we (the police department) serve,” he told The Versailles Republican.”

Marshal thankful for RCCF grant
Pictured above from left are Marshal Bill Dramann, Wayne Jenner, Sunman Town Council member; Deputy David Bruns, John Campbell and Mike Wolffe, Sunman Town Council members. They are standing behind the recent purchases made by the police department for fingerprint kits, moving radar instruments, and lock out device, that was purchased with money from the Ripley County Community Foundation. Pictured at right is Deputy Bruns showing Sunman resident Roger Lang, the moving radar gun.