Former marshal accused of assault
Resident speaks out at Sunman mtg.

Wanda English Burnett

Armed with a copy of the Osgood Journal, dated April 14, 2009, Jason Arnoldy addressed the Sunman Town Council at their regular meeting April 16.

Arnoldy referred to a front page article about former Sunman Marshal Steven Noble being incarcerated for battery in Franklin County. “He did the same thing to me...he deprived me of my life, liberty and justice,” he said. “Now he did it to a 19-year-old kid.”

Arnoldy continued by alleging that Noble had also beaten him, nearly to death, outside the American Legion in Sunman in 2003. He said he sustained several thousand dollars worth of medical bills, and went without “two nickels to rub together” for five years. He said he had been dealt a “grave injustice.”
Speaking of the incident that occurred six years ago at length, Arnoldy said he wanted the truth to be told. He also stated at one point that he wanted his medical bills paid that were incurred from the incident.
Attorney for the town, Amy Streator, explained to Arnoldy that the issue at hand was not something the council could address. “It’s the prosecutor’s issue, we can’t file any criminal issues.”

Arnoldy spoke for some time further saying he couldn’t understand why Noble had been allowed to continue to be in law enforcement. He could potentially still be in law enforcement when released from incarceration, since the crime he was charged with in Franklin County recently was only a misdemeanor.
Again, Streator cautioned Arnoldy that the town council “doesn’t have any control over criminal charges.”
Wayne Jenner, council member, explained that the council was a governing board, not attorneys or police officers.

Arnoldy said the former marshal was suspended and he had the problem of assaulting someone more than once. “Why not make sure it never happens again?” he questioned the council.

“These aren’t answers this board can give to you,” Streator told Arnoldy. “We understand your frustration,” Jenner noted, also stating that while an investigation had taken place, no criminal charges had ever been filed against Noble while he was employed with the Town of Sunman. The conversation ended with no results, only Arnoldy saying, “I think it’s an absolute travesty.”

Noble served as the Osgood Town Marshal before coming to Sunman, and then went from Sunman to the Milan Police Department, according to Ripley Publishing Co. files.

In other business:

• The council has submitted a grant for electrical and parking lot upgrades that are needed at the park.

• The roof type selection was given a unanimous vote to go with the engineer's recommendation. The cost will be $40,990.

• Dan Eckstein, wastewater operations, explained about the filter system. He noted that while the cost was high, they would have to do something and even consider drilling another well in the future. He gave information on bids for replacing and repairing within the water department.

• Attorney Amy Streator will address the need for a waiver for volunteers to sign as they work for the town. Eckstein brought up the issue of them needing safety vests and wondered if the volunteers could just sign a waiver, instead of buying the costly vests for one day.

• Larry Weiler and Herb Winters, Raintree Terrace Apts., addressed the council about concerns of erosion. They were concerned about language in an easement project on Eastern Avenue. Streator cleared up the question about the town being responsible for any erosion as a result of water flowing through the pipes. She said they would take care of it. She said she would relocate wording in the easement document so there was no question about the town’s responsibility.

• Carl Bruns gave his monthly report and once again noted that water usage is extremely high at the Westvue and Sunman trailer parks. He also noted that there are rocks being put in the creek at the south part of town by the Baptist Church. He said he and the marshal have both stopped kids from playing in the area where they were found to be throwing rocks into the bed of the creek, creating a dam.

• Marshal Bill Dramann gave his report: 35 traffic stops, 6 citations, 13 agency assists, 11 investigations, 9 citizen complaints, 3 domestic disputes, 5 fight calls, were among some of the police duties for the month. He noted that three criminal arrests were made, with three charges being filed. The department assisted with five lockouts, attended a training program, served three civil process papers, took two theft reports and worked two Easter Egg details. Dramann is assisted by Deputy Marshals David Bruns and Brian Maynard.
The next regular meeting of the Sunman Town Council will be May 21 at 6:30 p.m. at the Sunman Town Hall. All members were in attendance except for John Campbell.

Jason Arnoldy, right, approached the Sunman Town Council regarding an incident he alleged took place in 2003. Listening to the Ripley County resident are council members Mike Wolffe and Wayne Jenner. Also seated right is Clerk Treasurer Kris Schneider, and not pictured, Attorney for the town Amy Streator.